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With Foodie Chap on CBS San, you can meet the the chefs, winemakers, mixologists and food purveyors who represent the winning recipe that is our foodie community.

As the Emmy winning co-host of CBS 5′s EYE ON THE BAY (Weeknights at 7pm) Liam Mayclem has cooked & eaten with the world’s most celebrated Chefs: Hubert Keller, Jamie Oliver, Marcus Samuelson, Roland Passot, Tyler Florence, Elizabeth Falkner & many more.

Here at Foodie Chap you will discover more tasty morsels about these rock star chefs and their passions inside and outside the kitchen in the Bay Area and beyond.

liam and hubert keller About Liam, The Foodie Chap


Five (or so) Questions For Liam
Posed By Chef Hubert Keller

Chef Keller turns the tables and puts five tasty questions to Foodie Chap Liam. Interview conducted at Fleur de Lys in San Francisco, January 2011.

HK:What is your earliest food memory?

LM: It is of cold porridge. My Mum saying “eat it, it’s good for you”.

HK: What was the memory there?

LM: Sad.

HK: What can you cook?

LM: I cook one dish and I believe I do it well: Shepherds Pie.

HK: What is this (says Chef with a smile and a twinkle in his eye)?

LM: It’s ground lamb and vegetables. Lashings of fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes. Lots of cheese on top.
Then into the oven until golden brown. That is my Shepherds Pie.

HK: What is special about working with Chefs?

LM: Chefs inspire me. They are the most passionate, inspired, focused, wild and crazy people I know. Including this guy here (pointing at Hubert). I just find you awesome to be around.

HK: What was the best meal of your life?

LM: I have two meals to mention:

The first meal, my 40th birthday at The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay last year. Forty of my nearest and dearest friends. We enjoyed a traditional British Sunday roast with Yorkshire Pudding. A nine layer trifle for dessert. It was exquisite.
And of course any meal I have here at Fleur de Lys ranks among the best. For almost every special occasion I come here to Fleur de Lys.

HK: Last Supper. Who would be there and what would you eat?

LM: I would have Julia Child cook with assistance from my second favorite Chef, Roland Passot and another Chef you may have heard of – Hubert Keller. You would be cooking me MY Shepherds Pie. The guests at the table: Oscar Wilde for wit. Winston Churchill for intelligence and conversation and Sting for music. Then I can die and go to heaven a happy man.

HK: And will you drink?

LM: Why yes. We will enjoy the best Champagne.

HK: Merci Liam.

LM: Merci Chef.

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