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60 MINUTES: 4/13

Scott Pelley reports on the first year in the reign of Pope Francis, a new pontiff determined to challenge old traditions. Also, Anderson Cooper speaks with Shalane Flanagan, hometown favorite, who says she will not jinx her changes of winning the Boston Marathon by crossing the finish line on practice runs.

60 MINUTES: 4/6

Correspondent Bob Simon reports on the aftermath of the Fukishima disaster and takes us to a Japanese town frozen in time. Also, Scott Pelley goes into the backwoods of Appalachia for a ride on the Health Wagon;an RV providing medical services to the uninsured. Finally, the largest trove of missing art since WWII is discovered and a billion dollar battle ove

60 Minutes: 3/30

Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys" reveals how a group of unlikely characters discovered how some high-speed traders work the stock market to their advantage; Steve Kroft reports. Also, Scott Pelley profiles Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk who said 2008 was the worst year of his life. Finally, Marcus Roberts lost his sight as a child but gained

60 MINUTES: 3/23

Federal agents in charge of the Boston bombing task force talk for the first time about the moment they saw the suspects on video; Scott Pelley reports. Also, Bob Simon reports on European "Pink Panther" thieves, who combine military discipline with "smash and grab" routines to steal $500 million over 20 years. Finally, The New Yorker edi

60 MINUTES: 3/16

Bob Simon reports on Egyptian TV host and satirist Bassem Youssef, who has been arrested and pulled off the air. But, he won't let fear cripple him. Also, with commercial drones soon to be everywhere, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein says it's time to set some rules; Morley Safer has the story. Finally, as the market for hot sau

60 MINUTES: 3/9

"Data brokers" have increasing access to Americans' personal info -- a multibillion dollar industry that the government fears invades privacy; Steve Kroft reports. Also, Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian "oligarch" and revolutionary leader, says U.S. Should use "all instruments" against Russia; Clarissa Ward has the story. Finall

60 MINUTES: 3/2

Steve Kroft hosts a special edition of 60 Minutes including the capture of "Whitey" Bulger; the murder of a neo-Nazi leader; and, the largest archival theft in U.S. history.

60 Minutes: 2/23

A hero coach who chased a teen gunman from an Ohio high school rails against rash of school shootings; Scott Pelley reports. Also, master forger Wolfgang Beltracchi says all the experts he scammed for decades hate him because he was too good for them; Bob Simon reports. Finally, Liam Neeson says the sudden death of his wife still doesn't seem real, even

60 MINUTES: 2/16

While the Winter Olympics in Sochi project a bright, white image, Bill Browder tells a darker story of theft, vengeance and death in a corrupt Russia; Scott Pelley reports. Also, David Martin gets an inside look at what makes the $400 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter the most expensive weapons system in history. Finally, Lesley Stahl sits down with actress

60 MINUTES: 2/9

Differences between sexes are more pervasive than previously thought; scientists call for a re-examination of medical research, including drug dosages, based on sex; Lesley Stahl reports. Also, giving apartments to the chronically homeless can save taxpayer dollars, advocates say. Anderson Cooper has that story.
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