SAN FRANCISCO/OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)- Parents of crime victims and elected leaders in San Francisco are getting anxious as we get closer to the end of the Johannes Mehserle trial.

They are joining Oscar Grant’s family in calling for peace when the verdict comes in.

Mehserle is on trial for killing the unarmed Grant in 2009. He could be convicted of murder, manslaughter, or found not guilty.

The jury is set to resume deliberations this Tuesday.

Police are gearing up for a repeat of violent protests that took place after Grant was killed.

Mattie Scott’s son was shot to death in 1996 and she’s worried about what could happen now.

“We are all hurting from this tragic incident and we know that hurt people hurt people. Today we ask that you turn your hurt, pain, and anger into positive energy. Why, because his mother who gave birth to him has requested peace,” said Scott.

Demonstrations are expected in Oakland, but San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty says police there are getting ready too.

“The department has been listening carefully. I think they will be prepared. That is a phenomenon that can exist. You can have peaceful protesters and you can have people with another agenda,” said Dufty.

Dufty added the Supervisors just want people to be safe.

  1. Harry Martin says:

    I find the media “reporting” of the potential for violence very troubling. The massive publicity given to POSSIBLE civil unrest will virtually guarantee violence occur. The crowd element that thrives on media hype and the attention of reporters and cameras will clearly follow the lead and cues from the media and happily oblige.
    The media will share a moral responsibility and should share a civil (and criminal) responsibility for fueling this unrest. While I am sick of our lawsuit-addicted culture I would almost welcome individuals or businesses that may be affected by all this absurd hype to seek to recover claims in court.
    I just fear that if the unrest is not as bad as expected that the profit-seekers of the media businesses in the bay area may be disappointed.

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