BART Wheel Thief Update

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KCBS)- The victims of a recent theft at a BART parking garage have been contacted by the transit district’s police department.

Someone stole all four rims and tires off Steven and Doreen Wagner’s 2003 Honda Civic at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

The replacement cost was $1,800.  Adding insult to injury it happened twice, both times the car was left on milk crates.

“They have apologized directly to us. They said that they are going to put together a plan to work on the issue,” stated Doreen.

Indeed BART is responding.

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Police chief Kenton Rainey says the victims have been reassured that BART is on top of it.

“We’re looking at how many times this has occurred not just in the Danville area on that line, but on all of our lines. We do have a suspect description,” said Rainey.

Director Tom Radulovich says police committed earlier in the year to a program that allows them to patrol the parking lots on bicycles.

  • Jim

    Talk to Pleasanton PD, we had two wheels stolen off a car here in Carr America near BART about a month ago

  • skysky

    Funny, had these people parked at bart without paying the parking fee, bart would have been on top of it and issued a ticket.
    How they can miss people jacking up cars and stealing all 4 wheels on a regular basis is interesting.

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