SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KCBS)- China has decided not to pull the plug on Google’s website.

The Silicon Valley giant announced that Beijing has renewed its Internet license.

It’s been a rocky road between Google and Beijing according to KCBS’ Technology Analyst Larry Magid.

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“Mostly about censorship of Google search results. Google pulled out of China ostensibly for that reason, but they desperately need the Chinese market and apparently they’ve reached an agreement,” stated Magid.

Despite their differences, Magid said it’s in Beijing’s interests to have Google operating in China.

“China wants to be seen as a tech-savvy nation. Google does bring some economic opportunities for the Chinese government and the Chinese people, but the problem of course is Google wants to be an open system and that doesn’t always work with Chinese censorship,” added Magid.

Magid also said hopefully the agreement doesn’t violate the integrity of Google.


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