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Near Midair Collision Prompts Federal Response

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KCBS)- A near midair collision in San Francisco this year was one of several incidents to prompt a federal response.

A safety summit of airline industry officials will be held next month in Washington D.C.

United Airlines flight 889 left SFO bound for Beijing with 251 passengers and 17 crew members.

Recordings with the tower indicate the Boeing 777 was cleared for take off March 27th. A single engine Cessna 182 was right behind.

The Cessna pilot acknowledged the United jet was “in sight” and was then instructed to pass behind the airliner. When the Boeing reached 15 hundred feet, it happened, a near collision. The co-pilot was obviously shaken.

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The Cessna did a hard left turn passing 15 hundred feet to the side of the jet and a mere 200-300 feet overhead. Close enough to activate midair collision alarms.

A number of similar incidents will be the focus of an August 17th safety summit convened by the FAA.

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