BERKELEY, Calif. (KCBS) Could a UC Berkeley degree be just a click away?

University of California regents will meet this week to hear about a pilot program that would have Cal become the first in its class to offer an online bachelor’s degree comparable in quality to its campus program.

“The administration is trying to raise money by selling the UC brand online,” said geography professor Richard Walker, who is the vice chair of Berkeley’s Faculty Association.

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Walker is among many who is worried that in its haste to cut costs, the administration could launch a program that ends up cheapening the Cal brand and reducing the college experience for students.

“I think it’s a diversion from our main responsibility, which is on campus teaching,” said Walker. “That may seem old-fashioned but it’s absolutely essential that students have the direct, face-to-face contact with professors and teaching assistants in the classroom on an ongoing basis.”

Walker said that any prospect of an online degree should be reviewed, and in fact controlled by the faculty.

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  1. Virgil Dennis says:

    Walker sounds like one of the editors of about 168 print newspapers that went out of business this past year. Perhaps his primary concern should be the teaching process and the advancement of his students.
    Like many old hippies that struggle with ” he don’t know what to do should he hang on to the old, should he grab on to the new”. Educators should grab on to the new my friends before it leaves you behind like all those poor print newspapers.

  2. Eric H. says:

    This is a huge idea and I suspect that there are many individuals that would jump at the chance to do part of their degree on-line.

    With respect to the idea of “…cheapening the Cal brand …”, what happend to thinking outside the box and being progressive?

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