SAN JOSE, Calif. (KCBS) San Jose State University officials have announced that for the second year in a row, the school will not accept new admissions for the 2011 spring semester.

The university, which saw its budget slashed by $44 million for the last fiscal year, is the first CSU campus to cancel spring admissions.

San Jose State spokeswoman Pat Lopez Harris said one reason is that enrollment has skyrocketed for the fall semester.

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“On the typical year, we admit generally about 2,000 new students in the fall,” said Lopez Harris. “This year, we’re going to have 4,000 new students. So, while we do have the resources to accommodate all these new people, this is a real stretch for us at a tight time.”

It’s also tough news for students like Truman Jefferson, who is worried for his younger brothers and sisters.

“I’ve made it here. I’m glad I made it here. But, for all my siblings,” said Jefferson. “I’m just afraid how they’re going to make it when the opening to get into college is getting narrower and narrower.”

This marks the second time in the school’s 150-plus year history that they’ve had to turn away students.


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