The owner of medical marijuana collective in Mountain View whose operation was shut down by the city is now planning to run for a seat on the city council. The candidate has since moved his pot club to Sunnyvale where he’s run into similar problems. 

As KCBS arrived to interview Matt Lucero, attorney, and C.E.O. of Buddy’s Cannabis Patient Collective, he was being cited by the police for running an illegal medical marijuana collective.

”What you just witnessed was the city of Sunnyvale issuing a citation to Buddy’s Cannabis for operating a medical marijuana dispensary in Sunnyvale without a business license,” said Lucero.

He promises to shake things up if elected.

”Let me put it this way, if they were uncomfortable with me on the other side of the podium, just wait until I’m sitting right next to them,” said Lucero. “As far as my residency, I am now moving to Mountain View, right down the street from city hall because I want to keep my eyes on these guys.”

Three council seats are up for grabs in November.


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