It’s not just your imagination; the Bay Area actually is several degrees cooler than it usually is this time of year. In fact, the region is experiencing one of the coolest summers in decades.

In the usually warm San Jose, highs have been hovering in the high seventies, which is several degrees short of the average, and certainly cooler than the rest of the country, which has been sweltering under heat waves. Click to Listen &

”Yesterday was just absolutely gorgeous,” said Bill Elizondo who is visiting from Galveston, Texas. “Where I’m from it’s 95 degrees and humidity is about 85 percent, so you just sweat and it doesn’t come off of you.”

This is one of the coolest summers in the past 40 years, and meteorologist Charles Bell with the National Weather Service, says we can expect this cooling trend to continue.

”We’re looking at temperatures to be slightly below normal to just normal, so that means that at the current moment we’re not anticipating a heat wave into the first week of August,” said Bell.

According to the Mercury News, energy bills are down four percent as compared to last year, which is good news for the state’s power grid.


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