CONCORD, Calif. (KCBS) _ Some Contra Costa animal lovers may be in violation of local law without even knowing it.

The line seems to be blurred over how many animals a person can keep, a question that arose after three pit bulls attacked and killed 2-year-old Jacob Bisbee on Thursday in Concord.

The dogs and two others were owned by the toddler’s step-grandfather, Steven Hayashi, who said the animals weren’t trained to fight.

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“They weren’t pure-bred pit bulls. They were mixed,” said Hayashi. “So they don’t look like what your stereotypical pit bull would look like with a muscular body and small head.”

The dogs were put down and the tragic case raised questions over the number of dogs allowed per residence.

Dan Barrett with Contra Costa Animal Welfare said county law restricts the number to three, but jurisdictions have separate rules.

“The cities and the county itself are broken up into numerous zoning units throughout the county and the cities,” said Barrett. “There’s a great variance of what people may have.”

To be on the safe side on how many pets you’re legally allowed to have, Barrett said you should check your local zoning laws.

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  1. HA says:

    The problem is the owners not the dogs. Any dog can be a problem if not properly cared for. Just like people. You don’t teach person how to fit into society and they can be a huge problem too.
    Rather then just complain, viable solutions need to be implemented.
    Sad to say but the problem with bad dogs comes from lower income households who do not take the time to train and properly care for their animals. Not to say all low income house holds but if you did the numbers it most certainly shows that dog attacks generally are from those households.
    Solution: Require dog training for those dog breeds that are potentially capable of inflicting major bodily harm. In addition charge a tax on those breeds. This will insure that only those who really want one will fork out the time and money to insure their dog is trained and licensed.

    1. Carol says:

      I went on vacation and John Kessler disappeared. No reason to watch KPIX news in the morning. Guess I will just play solitaire on my computer while I have my morning coffee.

      1. LaDale says:


      2. Linda says:

        John’s gone – I’m gone. John was a breath of fresh air! If anyone needed to be gone it should’ve been Sydnie.

      3. tc says:

        I want John back, I stop watching channel 4 news when John left. The morning show is not the same. Maybe channel 2 or 7 will pick him up. I miss John.

      4. Alice says:

        I agree with everyone here. I went on vacation and when I came back, John was gone. I kept waiting for him to return from what I hoped was vacation. Not so. I don’t like the 5 am news without John!

      5. Barbara says:

        I agree!!! How can they just make John disappear!! He was so much fun to watch. I work out of town M-Fri and was excited to be working in Bay Area this week so I could watch John & Sydnnie intteract. I will be switching to NBC or Channel 4!! Barbara in Walnut Creek

      6. Donna says:

        All this OUTRAGE over John Kessler’s departure/release has been headed by a news report about “Local Animal Law”. Unfortunate because many people have not seen our displeasure with CBS for their stupidity and not following the popular opinion. It was done in a surreptictous and underhanded manner, one had to have the correct info to know that John’s contract was nearing an end. If CBS had conducted a survey asking the viewers if he would be missed or if he should continue as a member of the KPIX/CBS staff, the response would have overwhelmed them. Instead, CBS chooses to keep someone like Charlie Sheen, a drug abuser and abuser of females on staff. Let us all boycott the sponsors of “2 and a Half Men” and let them know that the public doesn’t share their taste. Let’s try to contact them where it hurts, make them lose more money.

      7. ThenAgain says:

        bring John Kessler back !!!!

      8. Michael Jones says:

        John is on KGO 810 AM in the afternoons now. I am still boycotting CBS 5 news

    2. Tiffany says:

      John & Sydney made a great team. I watched KPIX because of them. Where did John go? Just not the same without that great sense of humor delivering often such bad news. He was definitley a breath of fresh air and he and Sydney worked well together.

  2. jim harrah says:

    where is john kessler?

    1. Laurie S says:

      I wondered if he was on vacation. Gone? Then I’m gone. Going to channel 2 news. No reason to watch channel 5 now.

  3. ct says:

    Bring John Kessler Back!

    1. Diane Gable says:

      What the heck happened to John Kessler, He was just gone< Don't like the morning news with out him, going to watch a different station in the morning now, BRING HIM BACK!

  4. Napa says:

    Where is John Kessler, we miss him, is he on vacation, what is going on…….

  5. Brenda E. says:

    Where isJohn Kessler?

  6. ELIZABETH A says:

    I wanna know too…………WHERE IS JOHN KESSLER??????

  7. Naomi Jensen says:

    Please tell us where John Kessler landed?

  8. Jeanne & Randy says:

    John Kessler has been let go bcz his contract was up.
    Ch 5: we came from channel 4 because you hired John and now that you have fired him we are no longer watching your station with it’s weak excuse for news, which is really just weather and traffic. Now even the roller, the only place to get news, is mostly weather and traffic. Good bye.

  9. Louella Faria says:

    Where is John Kessler?? My husband & I want to know

  10. scout says:

    BRING BACK JOHN KESSLER. You people are stupid.

  11. scout says:


  12. mrs. hashimoto says:

    Have to agree with all the above comments — your morning news format is quite generic now. John Kessler appealed to the entire family — kids and adults. What you’ve left us with is too bland.

    1. Tony says:

      Amen – bland is the word

  13. LindaM says:

    I watched your news because of John’s humor and the interraction between him and the women, now it is boring and I am looking elsewhere – what were you thinking????????

    1. Pat says:

      I agree with all the comments about missing John Kessler. So sorry to see him go.

  14. Janice Carter says:

    Bring John Kessler back. Your hen feast in the morning is very annoying. I have been watching your station I guess if you don’t need John Kessler you don’t need me to watch you. I don’t need all the giggling and teenage behavior you have going on now. I am very disappointed.

    1. Ginger says:

      I agree with Janice, the hen feast is too much that early in the morning. I am very disappointed in your station and your morning news cast

  15. Donna says:

    We miss John. Waited for him to come back for a year when he left KRON. Be hones with us. Why did you fire him and where did he go? We love his personality. Syndie tries but she’s hot and cold.
    Return the couches and pillows to the showroom.

  16. Susan lane says:

    What happened to John? I miss his humor…bring him back

  17. J. M. says:

    I am also very sadden by your choice to let John Kessler go. Looked forward to watching the news in the morning with John and his humor, he helped to make it less grim. The interaction between him and Sydney was charming. I will switch channel 7. Feel more comfortable with that news team than all these ladies.
    Too bad!

  18. Debbi & Chris says:

    We use to watch channel 4 when John Kessler was on the news. When he moved to channel 5 we moved with him. With John Kessler now gone, we agree with the comments above. Your news is no different than other channels. John’s humor and wit is what made watching the morning news enjoyable. We miss him and we hope Channel 5 morning news will bring him back. Otherwise there is nothing special about channel 5 news.

  19. Susan Shore says:

    OMG I go out out of town for 2 weeks, come back and John Kessler is gone. What a bad decision on your part. He was the only reason I watched Channel 5.

  20. KarenN says:

    I kept waiting for Kessler to come back from vacation; finallyI looked on google to see he left channel 5. Bring him back and DO NOT LET SYNDIE GO!!! They were a great couple on TV. I don’t know who the big shots were listening to but they made a mistake. My loyalty is changing!!

  21. Teri D says:

    The only reason I watched KPIX was for John Kessler, I’ll be changing channels unless he is brought back!!!

  22. Nashua Carlos says:

    This really Sucks Miss John Kessler he and Syndie went well together they made the morning show.

  23. Frank San Jose says:

    Does anyone in the CBS 5 Front Office have a brain fragment that functions? John Kessler was the only true professional news reporter on the staff.
    You don’t need us as viwers since you apparently know it all—I look forward to watching my news elsewhere!

  24. paula p says:

    REally- John Kessler made getting up at 5:30 almost okay- Not a good move to let him go……ABC is looking better

  25. Paul Hiller says:

    getting rid of John eliminated any value your morning news had… put the blonde back on traffic where she’s qualified to read about the subject… Kohara is OK but she’s not good enough to go it solo. Channel 2 is looking better all the time

  26. Ginger says:

    I also think you were stupid to fire John Kessler. He was the one reason to get up in the morning, even on a day off. I am tired of all the giggles of these young ladies on the show too. I feel bad for Syndie she has no one to relate to now. If I find out he is on another network, I will be there too.

  27. Kathy says:

    I cannot believe you let John Kessler go. Elizabeth as anchor – you have to be kidding me – she was bad enough doing the traffic. What is the matter with your station. Oh well I’ll go to another station now. John was the only reason to watch the channel 5 morning news

  28. Bonnie says:

    When I found out John Kessler had moved to Ch. 5, I began watching the news on your channel. I loved his dry wit & the annoying brother/sister chemistry he & Sydnie had was delightful. You guys are out of your mind – your AM news is so boring & adolescent now. John was essential. Tell me who had the brains to hire him & I will be watching my news on that channel!

  29. Janice says:

    Bring John back. I hate the new format with all of the women. Sydney is the only professional. Get rid of Tracy and Elizabeth. Bring in some men for the ladies that watch the news. I guess I’ll have to go back to the old married couple on NBC. NOT………………….. I’ll change to CNN.

  30. S. Doxiadis says:

    Yup, what they all said! The Kessler/Kohara interaction made it worth watching the news in the early hours of the morning! I don’t expect to see Kessler reappear, either; CBS5 has washed its hands of him, and in true (hypocritical) fashion, has closed ranks and will say nothing about the matter.

    I hope John Kessler has landed on his feet in a better job!

    I’d been surprised by the ridiculous “living room” set – obviously uncomfortable and impractibal for news folk. Most of us already were comfortable with the early news gang without the set change.

    The loss of audience share has been due to folks moving to internet news – I kept the Early Morning News on my Tivo so I could enjoy Kessler and Kohara (and Elizabeth and Tracy) no matter what time I got up. If Sydnie goes, so will I – I can use the space on my Tivo. Then I’ll get “just the facts” from the internet – borting, much less engaging, but factual, I guess.

    Gee, CBS 5 has been doing so well integrating with new technology, compared to the other local “big network” stations. So how did they slip up with the early morning anchoring? Eh?

  31. Lynn Hensley says:

    Bring John back, the wrong person is not there’d. You need to let Sydney go except you won’t since she is married to a big wig of the station. She is a joke, trying to look younger and younger and she is terrible as a news caster. John Kessler is the only reason people watch in the morning

  32. N Jensen says:

    I quess there isn’t any reason to watch channel 5 new with JOHN KESSLER gone
    Good morning Brett & Laura, back to channel 7.

  33. Sandy Kerhoulas says:

    who’s decision was it to let him go his or the station. Seems like we all miss him,. Where is he now. Is it true that u fired him?

  34. Rondi says:

    Where is John Kessler? We miss he and Sydney’s bantor back and forth.
    It gave life to the morning news.

  35. Rickey Stancliff says:

    You have ruined my morning. Very dumb management decision. Elizabeth should go back to the traffic-tell her to point with her pointing finger and not her thumb. Looks like she’s trying to catch a ride.

    Sydnie needs Kessler to balance the raport. Too many women (I’m female). Please get rid of he couches. What are you folks thinking (or not) especially with women sitting on them in dresses? PLEEEEEZE. So folksy/common.

    Well I guess it’s back to channel 7 for us. Your programm is too lame without John.

  36. Donna says:

    John Kessler was THE only reason we watched channel 5. Your decision to let him go was a huge mistake. You would have been better off to let the Shrew Sydnie go.

    We will find out where John went and that will be the station we watch.

  37. barbara says:

    When John came back I changed from 7 to 5 again now i guess I’ll go back to 7 because John was so funny no anchor like him. What fools you are.

  38. Janet says:

    I like all of the personalities you have in the morning, but I have to say I LOVE John Kessler. He was hilarious and brought out the best in everyone else. I can’t imagine feeling the loyalty I felt when John was there. He is very much missed!

  39. MSJ in Fremont says:

    Bring back JohnKessler!!!! Your new format is terrible and the couches have got to go. Elizabeth is a TERRIBLE anchor!!! You guys are idiots and have lost me as a viewer.

  40. Patti says:

    Yes, John Kessler made the morning news interesting. I’ve tried watching the ladies and find them annoying. And the couches! Whose idea were they? Bye-bye KPIX, I’ll move along and watch something else until I find Mr. Kessler again.

  41. Nadine Sexton says:

    To all the bloggers:

    Write to these guys instead of each other (re: John Kessler & the bad couches):

    News Director – Dan Rosenheim:

    President/GM – Ron Longinotti:

    Programming – Tom Spitz:

    Communications Director – Akilah Bolden Monifa:

    1. Scott says:

      Et al,

      I am sure you have been reading the different comments about releasing John Kessler.

      I can mirror the sentiment. Channel 5 always separated itself from the rest of the news shows by having a great ‘patriarch’ figure in John Kessler.

      He seems like a human being and not just a talking head.

      What was the thinking of management to release him? Was there a different image that you were trying to achieve? From the various comments around the internet over this issue, I would have to suggest you may have made a mistake.

      My hope is you listen and that ‘ENOUGH’ of us have chimed in with our displeasure with your latest decision and have the opportunity to reverse it.

      Please reconsider so I don’t have to watch Darya on Channel 4. Your show could become the same chick feast if you don’t and I cannot imagine a network news show fashioning themselves after a local wanna be network.

      Thanks for your time and it would be great to get some feedback about this.

      Scott Cawein

      1. Scott says:

        My last post was the letter I sent to each of the emails Nadine listed in her post. I suggest we all email to each of them if we are to have any effect.

        JOHN KESSLER MUST STAY…. If not, we will surely follow him….

    2. scout says:

      good information. i will email these people.

    3. SONYA G. C. says:


  42. Greg and Nancy says:

    I have been wondering what’s up with the morning news. You definitely blew it. Tomorrow when the TV comes on to get me out of bed, it will not be on channel 5. I too feel that Elizabeth is not anchor material. This is a sad day for Bay Area news. Sydnie, we still love you and will wait to see where you land in the future.

  43. Marie says:

    I moved to the Bay Area one year ago..and after searching the local news stations I chose CBS5 because of the professionalism and humor. Sydney is good..but John and Sydney were the best. Im once again searching.

  44. Melll says:

    I too followed John Kessler from channel 4 to channel 5. You really missed the boat here. I will start watching the early news on another channel .. probably ABC7.
    Elizabeth Wenger just isn’t there.

  45. Sue says:

    I started watching John on Channel 4 also and was thrilled when I refound him a couple of years later on channel 5. He’s a real PERSON like the rest of us, not just a pretty face with a script to read. His humor made that hour of the morning more bearable. I wrote to him once years ago telling him how much I enjoyed his morning show and humor and even with his busy schedule, he replied the same day. He will be VERY missed and I can only hope he’ll show up on another channel somewhere in the North Bay so we can all go back to watching him.

  46. HARVEY says:


  47. Bill says:

    Ditto to all the above. Bring John back and keep Sydney.
    Channel 11 is looking better.

  48. Nadine Sexton says:

    Just as a follow-up to my previous comment with the list of email addresses, this is the letter I sent to the emails I listed (I received a follow-up comment from the last fella, Mr. Monifa, which is why I put him on that list):

    Dear Mr. Longinotti, Mr. Rosenheim, and Mr. Spitz:

    My husband and I have been watching the morning news program for many years. In the past year or so, we believe you came up with the most air-friendly anchors, weather person, and traffic person.

    When you changed the venue to couches, we cringed. It looked unnatural and uncomfortable for the staff (way too low!). We continued to watch anyway.

    But, when you removed John Kessler, you lost two viewers. His wit, humor, and intelligence were key factors in our viewing. Currently, you have 5 very high-pitched voiced females who laugh way too much. It feels like a girls’ club news show.

    We are trying out other stations, but miss our balanced Channel 5 staff.

    So long. Good luck.

    Nadine & David Sexton
    Fairfax, CA

  49. Mike and Genie Roll says:

    We too will be finding another morning news station. John Kessler was the best thing about the broadcast. We even tolerated the singsong weather delivery to hear his intelligent, insightful and sometimes amusing comments. He will be missed. Good bye.

  50. Wayne Y. says:

    John Kessler has been one of the best morning news anchors in the Bay Area. His wit and approach to the news made the morning show THE news to watch in the morning. Sydney and John had a great chemistry in the morning and you were always left wondering when the next comment would come from John to chip at the professional armor Sydney portrays. They are a great combination in the morning and splitting them up will lose viewers as I’m sure you’re noticing from the comments above. Bring John back or risk loosing him to another station and having countless people follow him.

  51. Nadine Sexton says:

    Correction: MS.

    Ms. Akilah Bolden-Monifa at

    1. Bernadette says:

      I am not an early morning person but Kessler always made me laugh at the crack of dawn….now I’m going to be crabby and miserable all day. Thanks a lot CBS!

      I’ll be checking other morning newscast from now on…..probably ABC.

      1. John says:

        All good things come to an end, by letting Kessler go CBS morning news has gone, you might as well have a soap opera on at 5 am.

  52. Mark says:

    I’m done with cbs5 news, Without John Kessler. Your just just another low rate news cast. He is the best. John hope to see you on another bayarea news station.



  53. Jash says:

    For all of you losers who keep saying you’re leaving, go already! Ever wonder if they had a good reason for letting him go? duh!

  54. Lois Martinez says:

    I watched your morning news because of John. I too came from ch. 4 because of John, and I too will switch to another station in the morning. You made a bad decision!

  55. Kelley says:

    I’ve already changed to ABC. The team at ABC is good but not as good as John and Sydnie. At this point, I hope that KPIX begs John and Sydnie to come back and they don’t be because they’ve landed together somewhere better. After all of the outpouring of support for John, and they haven’t brought them back, says, they’re not going to do it. They just went from a major network to a just a local station.

  56. Rob says:

    I have been watching the KPIX morning show for 20 years. I stayed loyal through the ups and downs. Sydney and John were great together. The show is just not the same without him. I will be changing the channel in the mornings trying to find something that may be close, but never as good. I agree with other responders that the morning show just replays the same news over and over. No real financial news and after about 20 minutes the same news repeats.What made it acceptable was watching the whole team. John was the perfect grumpy guy along with the lady’s trying to keep him in line. I really liked the dynamic of the team. Finally the had 4 good people that were good at what they did. Whoever thought of not renewing John’s contract should be fired. One other thing. I think channel five is treating us like idiots. Do you realize we had to dig to find out about John being let go. We are responding to a local animal law thread. They tried to bury this as deap as possible hoping no one would notice. That alone is sketchy enough to turn the channel. Good luck with your new show. I won’t be watching.

  57. Alice McCombs says:

    KPIX/ CBS5 morning news – you have lost more viewers! Bring back John Kessler, the saving grace of your morning news.

  58. Ms. Hyatt says:

    Like the other comments you have now made your morning show as generic as the others. John brought intelligence and wit every single morning. It so sad to see you have left Syndie to fend for herself which sadly will not be enough to keep my family watching. John Kessler I hope you read these posts and know you will be truly missed.

  59. d smith says:

    I kept looking for John Kessler and finally looked it up. I am stunned. It was a great team until now. I like the others but he was the reason I watched channel 5.

  60. Ruben says:

    You let John Kessler go? What were you thinking? I’m changing my morning news viewing to channel 7.

  61. JohnFans says:

    Looks like jash will have the cbs morning news all to himself. Who’s the loser.

  62. Bob Souza says:

    I am very sorry management has chosen not to renew John Kessler’s contract. I have enjoyed John and Sydnie for years and when I was transferred to Sacramento, I looked forward to trips back to the Bay Area to watch them. The non redundant reporting was great and Johns mischief was refreshing. My wife likes KTVU for the morning news as they cover more of the East Bay over night news. So I guess I will be a KTVU watcher now.
    Wish John all the best and I Know a forward looking station will pick him up soon. Sydnie is going to be bored.

  63. L. Keith says:

    Bring Sydnies tv husband back. I watch because of the two of them and the way they relate in bringing me and others the news. I will follow John

  64. Pam says:

    What a sad state of affairs to get rid of John. This morning was my last morning for you. Although I LOVE Sydnie, Elizabeth is so very blahh and lacks the personality that should sit beside some as special as Sydnie. Financially it may work but to your loyal viewers you blew it. Good-Bye old friends you have lost yet another loyal viewer. Even your website looks cheap now. How sad!

  65. Linda says:

    Please bring back the best bay area newscaster….John Kessler. We enjoyed watching the interaction and news delived by John and Sydnie every morning. You didn’t even inform your viewers of his dismissal. Wave and fire shirt Fridays are all you have to use to gain viewers now, thats pretty sad.
    bye 5

  66. Colleen Conley says:

    My sister and I both watch John Kessler in the morning and are both very disapointed that he is gone without a word. We loved his sense of humor. We watched him on KRON and will move to his next station hopefully some time soon.

  67. John says:

    John Kessler is a down to earth Man that has truely made my new watching a morning main stay for me, What is up with you management!

  68. Kris Dudley says:

    I’m so upset that JOhn is gone. What was management thinking? get rid of the new set, bring back the set that works and JOHN> He and Syndie were great together! I LOVED watching the show in the AM; the blond who reads the news now was HORRIBLE at traffic – what makes you think she can read the news? AND .. . what about the other reporters that have worked their butt off doing on=site reporting = don’t they get a chance?

    I hope John lands a new gig soon – he’s quite a gem.

    I will no longer watch KPIX or listen to KCBS.

  69. Kris McGinty says:

    Hey guys,
    Where’s John? While I love watching the “girls” I miss John, and I heard a rumor that he might not be returning? Just my 0.2 cents worth….BIG mistake. watching John and Sydnie together is what makes the show. No offense Sydnie. The girls just don’t cut it alone!! I can at least tell you this…you will lose my husband and me as channel 5 news watchers if John is out!!! And, I have many friends that feel the same way. Wake-up guys.

  70. Joe says:

    I am as irritated with the new anchor as I was happy with John & Sydnie… Internet for me as well, no reason to watch anymore

  71. CMB says:

    I, too, am leaving CBS5 for another station. John Kessler was witty, intelligent and rose above the vapid gaggle of other anchors in the morning. The new set is awful and looks more like an informal talk show rather than a serious enterprise which reporting the news should be. Bring back John Kessler!!!!! Letting him go was a big mistake. Hello, Channel 2.

  72. Susan says:

    So sad. It ruined my mornings not to have John to see and enjoy. He always said
    something funny that lent a new way to interpret the news, no matter what it was.
    Please say it ain’t so that he isn’t coming back.

  73. j says:

    How stupid are you people and who is the blonde chick that always speaks with a large intake of breath??? Couldn’t stand her when she did traffic! BEG for John to come back!

  74. Emily says:

    I’m up at 5am and John Kessler always managed to make me laugh. I miss him and will be looking for a new morning news station. Shame on you people.

  75. Deb says:

    John made the show – his “real people” perspective and twinkling humor made me laugh. The show started going downhill when Anna Duckwork left, then on came the 60’s style couches and pillows – and now John os OUT?? Sydnie wihout John? I thought John was on vacation, but now I know I won’t be watching the show from here on (Tracy is way to sickly sweet and Elizabeth is as flat in affect as a doughnut) Not sure who just took over running KPIX – but they should be fired.

  76. JIM says:


  77. Eric Leitz says:

    We want the John and Sydney show. It was more than just another news show.

  78. Donna Shore says:

    KPIX has lost another fan. The blond airhead isn’t a good substitute, I’m going back to KNTV where they have a complete staff of airheads. But they are move entertaining than what KPIX has to offer. John Kessler was a believeable newscaster who delivered the news with humor and crediblilty. You will soon see that his loss is yours and especially my loss.

  79. jeff wilson says:

    I just found out here that John is gone. I was wondering where he was, and
    today there was an announcement that Sydney was on vacation, but no
    mention of John. That’s when I investigated and now I find he’s gone. I
    won’t be watching the KPIX news anymore either, unless he comes back.

  80. Geoff says:

    IF it aint broke, don’t fix it! I didn’t realize how much, the duo of John and Sydnie created together. It is too bland now. No Anna, and now no John, I’ll be switching to KRON 4. I feel channel 5 made a big mistake.

  81. Pat & David says:

    Kessler gone ?!! Are you serious?? he made the your morning news show – what are you thinking! No more John, no more channel 5 in the morning.

  82. Joe says:

    We agree with all the above comments. How could you possibly make a decission that will cost you so many veiwers? You really need to swallow your pride and bring John back.

  83. Mary says:

    Same as everyone–I started watching KCBS because of John Kessler and his wit and fun in the morning. Now that he is gone, I too will not be watching KCBS in the morning anymore. Same with my mom and all the friends who really enjoyed John Kessler’s sense of humor.

  84. Pam says:

    What is going on? I wake up one morning and John Kessler is gone! What were/are you tihinking keeping Sydney and letting John go? He was the only reason to watch CBS so guess now ABC will get a new viewer.

  85. Amy says:

    What they said. You’ve been mixing up all the anchors morning, and night time. It’s very frustrating. Love John Kessler! Sad to see he is not there anymore. I hate the couches and the stand-up in front of a cubicle piece in the afternoon as well. What happened to real news reporting?

  86. Donna Shore says:

    This time you’ve shot yourselves in the foot. The comments should be taken to heart. No one from KPIX has responded to the outcry. I waited for two weeks assuming that John would return from a two week vacation and then I started to look for an answer. What I got was a Subject title about “Local Animal Control Law” and what followed were a multitude of comments complaining about the loss of John Kessler. Is a response forthcoming KPIX?

  87. kelly says:

    I have been waiting for weeks for John to return and this morning when I saw he still was not there and still no mention of him, I started looking for answers. Then I found all of these comment posted on the KCBS Website. What happened to him? Bring him back. He absolutely made getting up at 5am better. He was funny, I loved him. If he isn’t coming back, then I will move on for sure.

  88. Donna Shore says:

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT A STRAIGHT ANSWER TO JOHN KESSLER’S DEPARTURE, Read the following link posted by the S.F. Peninsula Press Club, it was posted on August 26, 2010:

  89. Evelyn L says:

    I agree. John Kessler is “the reason” to watch CBS 5 mornng news. Bring him back!!!!

  90. Fabienne says:

    Stupid move CBS – John Kessler was the only reason to watch the morning news. Moving on to another station.

  91. PHIrtzel says:

    Please bring John Kessler back!
    Sydnie and John were a good team who made waking up less painful. I will not watch your station with the current crew.

  92. kalonaiki says:


  93. Anna says:

    My heart is truly broken. I miss John so much! I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning, because now I don’t have anything to look forward to. He was amazing on your channel, which I definitely will NOT be watching anymore. I’m also telling all my friends and co-workers not to watch either. BRING JOHN BACK!!!

  94. Bill says:

    You traded John K for the couch/laptop/giggling women format?…CNN unfortunately is looking better.

  95. scout says:

    Bring back John Kessler. I haven’t watched KPIX since I discovered he was released. I can catch CBS programming on KOVR and there are many other morning shows.

  96. Donna says:

    Heres a helpful tip someone provided:

    To all the bloggers: Write to these guys instead of each other (re: John Kessler & the bad couches): News Director – Dan Rosenheim: President/GM – Ron Longinotti: Programming – Tom Spitz: Communications Director – Akilah Bolden Monifa:

  97. scout says:

    also follow Nadine’s suggestion and email the news director, the gm, the progamming guy and the communications director.

  98. shawn says:

    we tried to watch your silly blond airheads but it is but without John Kessler it doesnot work!

  99. Dennis says:

    bring john back. from one pacifican to another

  100. Edward M says:

    BRING JOHN BACK!!! I just dont understand why you would break up the best morning team. I sure hope John resurfaces on another channel and sydnie joins him

  101. Stacie says:

    AHHHHHH!! My mornings are just not as happy. John and Sydnie brought smiles to my mornings, it now feels almost painful for those left behind and in the wake. At least Tracy is still able to keep it light. I am looking for another station to start my mornings.

  102. T&D says:

    C’mon…. seriously, John is gone?!?!? My husband has been asking… where’s John… they didnt mention vacation… seriously.. . where is John? Was he let go? Unreal… he and Syd made our mornings!!!!!!! The most genuine, funny, intelligent team in morning news! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!!!! No one compares as far as Im concerned.

  103. Crystal says:

    No John Kessler and Sydnie Kohara combo, no more reason to watch CBS5 news in the morning.

  104. jj smith says:

    Thank you for finally removing John Kessler. Was so tired of his posturing and camera mugging and he really was not that funny. Will miss Sydnie however, she made him look good for too long.

  105. Frank J Krumenaker says:

    John kessler was a family member…he was our funny uncle in an unfunny world….why?….Why?…My guess it was some ratings driven pseudo vip who’s neck is now wrapped securely from a very tight noose.should learn to cook quickly….!!!!

  106. Hello ABC! says:

    The next sound you hear…

    Is me changing channels… And suggesting to anyone I know to do same…

    Your current morning news has let’s of “nice” people, but the format and the patter is more like an amusement park than a newsroom.

    Seems like you are shooting for a lower age demographic I’d say… Well they don’t watch TV news and they aren’t up that early…

    Big bad mistake, I’d say!

  107. lonie martinez says:

    I really dont know what happened with john kessler, but if its true that you let him go.. you have made a terrible mistake… he was the only reason for me watching the news no now with him gone, i wont bother… please bring him back… we miss him!!!!!

  108. Lenore says:

    I will also go back to channel 2. I will miss you John. You really helped me get up and going at 5:15 am, when my alarm went off.

  109. NANCY RHINE says:

    We will never watch cbs5 news in the morning now that John is gone, he was the best anchor, he always brought a smile to our faces! Now watching channel 3.

  110. Donna Shore says:

    Looks like jj smith will be the only viewer CBS will have on the Early Morning News. Enjoy your private news show, jj smith.

  111. Kathy says:

    Bring back John Kessler, The morning show is not the same

  112. Peggy Draper says:

    Kessler & Kohara were so very watchable. My family loved channel 5 am news. Now we are hoping they show up somewhere local and together so we can again enjoy their funny banter. This week’s channel 5 am news was so boring!!!! Switching to channel 2 tomorrow.

  113. Gail says:

    I’ve never entered my opinion on this type of forum before. Normally, like millions of others, I would just quietly change the channel, but you have really made me angry. I agree with almost everything above – especially the way this was handled. The ladies are OK, but John was the pivot for the entire team, and he and Sydnie are great together. You must be reading these because the living room set is gone and Elizabeth is back on traffic. Now get John back, no matter what it costs. I suspect and hope it will be a lot, but you can get it from the combined salaries of the geniuses who participated in this stupendously ignorant decision.

  114. Will & lisa says:

    Bring back john or we are gone!!!

  115. John says:

    Bring John back I will watch kron4 till he is back

  116. Cathy says:

    Very dissapointed to hear that John is gone. This was the best morning news show. Do not like the new “ladies” format. vSydnie and John were the best together.

  117. Jerry W Britton says:

    I leave on vacation and upon returning home I find my morning news is missing a person. At first I thought John Kessler was on vacation but after a week and doing a little checking I find John is Gone! Before leaving I thought some of the changes in the non-morning news staff left something to be desired but with this change I felt a need to complain about this not very insightful decision that appears to affect a sizable portion of your morning news faithful (I now channel surf). I do not know all the what, when, where & whys for this choice by management but as a viewer I know his departure has changed my viewing habit.

    Just out of curiosity did 5 hire some of the laid off “Jay Leno Primetime” executives? By the way that “Morning Show” set was BAD!


  118. Nancy Jordan says:

    Bring back John Kessler!!

  119. Ann Leever says:

    I do not believe that you have let John kessler go. He made watching the news interesting. Just women don’t cut it. All they do is laugh at nothing. I think I will be going to 7 or 2.

  120. Marilyn says:

    You made a big mistake in letting John go. I don’t enjoy the show as much as when he was on it. The other channels are looking better every day

  121. Katherine says:

    This was a terrible mistake – Like all of those above who have commented on your management’s decision to let John go and not renew his contract, BIG Mistake. Have followed John from Channel 4 news to Channel 5. Could not find out what happened to him until I saw these comments – it is a shame that you do not inform your public when you are making changes to format. Hate the studio design, and you do need a male in there to balance out the women. I am changing over to Channel 7. What a loss.

  122. Peggy says:

    Your show is boring, boring, boring without JOHN KESSLER. John and Syndey interacted beautifully. I love all your people you have but YOU NEED JOHN KESSLER….way too many women cackling (and I am a woman)….you need a man in the mix and JOHN KESSLER kept it all balanced. JOHN KESSLER IS GREAT—-John & Syndey got me going in the morning as i prepared for work every day—THEY GOT MY DAY OFF TO A GOOD START. BRING BACK JOHN KESSLER, HE IS THE BEST ANCHOR EVER FOR A MORNING SHOW.

  123. L Garcia says:

    The show is boring without John Kessler. The replacements are drones without personality. We are now sadly watching channel 2. You changed the set and the people but you lost your audience. Bring Kessler back.

  124. Donna Shore says:

    Save your breath everyone, my hunch is that John Kessler wouldn’t come back to this dumb station even if they offered him more money. He probably has self-respect and especially since they didn’t make a better offer to keep him in the first place.

    He will be welcome elsewhere on a different TV news program that has more sense than KPIX/CBS!

  125. Bigwood says:

    One HUGE mistake!! Starting our day with John and Sydney was great. Who’s going to do the “Blow it up” segments. KPIX has lost touch. Another instance of “Youthenizing” and dumbing down. Juliette is great, Tracy always fun and accurate. But you’ve lost a viewer. John Kessler gave the news with just a touch of his personal take on it. Frank Summerville does it too, not as cool as John though. Bye-Bye KPIX…Long live Dave M. Soorly missed

  126. Bigwood says:

    Also…What about Rick Quan? He was a huge asset to the station and an anchor we all knew. TV news is really statring to suck large!! The cute Babes are fine, but it’s not news and there’s no personality. All the trusted anchors are being replaced by camera friendly, cheaper clones

  127. jOHN says:

    Resetting my TiVo to record another channel until I can find out where John landed. Started with him on KRON like so many others.

  128. Dianne says:

    We no longer watch your morning news, you have lost a real asset when you let John leave. It really makes you wonder about the powers that be.
    I’m sure John will be successful where ever he goes but sadly it’s not on your channel. You have lost a great number of viewers and only have yourselves to blame!

  129. Linda says:

    Several hundred comments later all missing John Kessler. John I hope you find a station that is loyal and easy going like yourself. Miss your humor, and wish you well.

  130. Wendy says:

    Bring John Kessler back. And where is Sydnie? The rest of the folks left on the morning news really can’t replace these two. I hated every other news program in the morning and now I don’t even have KPIX. Very poor decision!

  131. Kathy from Concord says:

    What is wrong with the people there on 5? Why change something that was working for the same old stuff all the other channels have. Boaring news. No longer going to watch Channel 5 news if John and Sydnie are not together. They alwasy put a smile on my face for the day. We need more of that these days will all the trouble in this world. I can get the news off the internet no need to watch tv for it.

  132. Moraga Steve says:

    Now I actually get up with the alarm at 6am. I used to have coffee in bed and watch his goofy stuff. He always seemed so pleased with his silly humor and “I’m so cool grin”; you had to laugh. I wouldn’t get out of bed to p** until 7 (and I was almost ready to explode). Now, I just get up. When and if he turns up in the Bay Area I’ll go back to urine suffering.

  133. Christina says:

    Donna, thank you for the contact information. I’ve sent my very own email to them regarding John’s exit from CBS5. The only way they are truly going to know how big of a mistake they made is if we fill their email with messages they can’t ignore. I don’t believe they will bring him back (as most decisions made at that level are not reversed) but I do want them to know what their viewers thing about the stupid decision. I’ve compiled all of the emails so you can just cut and paste. Email them. Let them know directly what you think! , , ,

  134. lisa says:

    OMG – you have got to be kidding – NO JOHN —you are insane. We stopped watching NBC due to the “idiot” anchor team (husband and wife). WE LOVED watching John and Sydney. Now John is gone and Sydney is here and there….what about Tracy where is she???

    You have just lost us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Diane Gable says:

    What the hell are you guys thinking, John made the show, it is to boring now, John made it fun and funny, and I enjoyed watching , not no more going to a different station, really stupid guys, get it together.

  136. ELENA MEDINA says:


  137. Nathan Burr says:

    No John Kessler………… your the same as all the rest……………….hum drum…..

    afraid to be out of the box………….wasnt John a major part of your AWARD winning news show ??? …well now im not a part either

  138. Nathan Burr says:

    No John Kessler………… your the same as all the rest……………….hum drum…..

    afraid to be out of the box………….wasnt John a major part of your AWARD winning news show ??? …well now im not a part either


  139. Jen & Larry says:

    When my husband told me that you did not renew John Kessler’s contract – it was like I got the wind knocked out of me. You had a morning show – NOT just the news. You HAD personality that I looked forward to watching to see what silly thing John Kessler would say today. He even got Sydney to be a little silly too once in a while.

    You should have been proud and felt so fortunate to have John. Sadly, I will join the ranks of the others who have posted and stop watching out of loyalty to John and if another local station is lucky enough to grab him up, you can bet that’s the station I will tune to.

  140. valerie says:

    Why did you let Kessler go. The only local morning news I watched. He was witty, informed and just a pure pleasure to watch. I will no longer watch local morning news. The new format does NOT work, and you really need to get rid of traffic person, wow, you just need lots of work!

  141. Julie & Ken Stevens says:

    Kessler was THE ONLY reason we watch Early Edition. He was real! He gave the show something that NO OTHER newscaster did. Without him, Sydney is nothing. She should have gone and Juliette should be there with John. She is so superior to Sydney it’s pathetic. Too many women.

    Who makes these decisions? Are you all blind? Look at how many people are outraged and there are thousands more who do not have the time to post these comments like us. I will never watch CBS 5 again if I find out John was let go.

  142. Troy Thole says:

    What have you done with John Kessler? Totally stupid management decision! Are you people that out of touch with what used to be your viewers? Getting up at 5 am is hard enough. John gave us a reason to smile with his quick wit and sense of humor. The one liners were great too! Whoever is responsible for John leaving ought to be horsewhipped and fired. The hen party that you have going on in the am is totally rediculous. Can’t stand to watch it. You’ve lost two more viewers here.

  143. Donna says:

    Although she got on my nerves from time to time, Tracy Humphrey seems to be absent as well – though Sydnie Kohara is still present and accounted for. I’m tired of their penny pinching actions. Our heroes are ripped out of our lives on a daily basis. I didn’t even know that Heroes had been permanently cut form NBC. All the major networks have no idea what the public really likes. I pray that their pockets are so empty that they will have echoes in them.

  144. Dennis Asturias says:

    Hi,I really miss John, with out him your news is too one sided.I hope to see john again.You were wrong to let him go

  145. Victoria says:

    I agree with everyone! John Kesler’s wit, articulate quips and is wonderful sense of funny made getting up and dressed so much easier at 5:00 am. Even Sydney was better when paired with John. I hate the giggling “girls” you have put together. I finally have moved to ABC 7 in the morning. AT least it is professional. The individual who made the decision to let John go was so completely out of touch with your viewers. CBS5 has lost so much talent this year and no doubt many, many viewers.

  146. sophie says:

    Letting John Kessler go was a hugh mistake. I like Sydnie but its not the same without him. I will be going to another station to get my news. Do you know where he went or to what other channel?

  147. Anne Schmidt says:

    I MISS JOHN KESSLER!! I watched this morning program primarily because of his personality and how he delivered the news. I loved the interaction between he and Sidney; it is not the same with the new blonde, what’s her name?. Where did he go? I want to watch that news program. You people made the wrong decision.

  148. Donna says:

    All this OUTRAGE over John Kessler’s departure/release has been headed by a news report about “Local Animal Law”. Unfortunate because many people have not seen our displeasure with CBS for their stupidity and not following the popular opinion. It was done in a surreptictous and underhanded manner, one had to have the correct info to know that John’s contract was nearing an end. If CBS had conducted a survey asking the viewers if he would be missed or if he should continue as a member of the KPIX/CBS staff, the response would have overwhelmed them. Instead, CBS chooses to keep someone like Charlie Sheen, a drug abuser and abuser of females, on their staff. Let us all boycott the sponsors of “2 and a Half Men” and let them know that the public doesn’t share their taste. Let’s try to contact them where it hurts, make them lose more money. (I posted this previously)

  149. Paul Hodnett says:

    Where’s John? What the #@&$^. He’s the only reason I watch news in the morning. I’m moving to ABC 7…

  150. Sandy W says:

    I to was wondering where the heck John is and I’ve read all the above comments and I see that CBS still hasn’t answered the question of …where is John? Maybe we should ask Ken Bastida?

  151. Mike Peters says:

    Channel 5 news in the morning now? B-O-R-I-N-G….. No-one wants to watch all these babbling, giggly women first thing in the morning! You’re all a bunch of nitwits for getting rid of John Kessler!

  152. KEVIN CARROLL says:


  153. Barbara says:

    First Rod Jamieson and now John Kessler. Who’s next, Roberta? The person/persons who made these decisions are morons. I am also done with CBS news.

  154. Mary says:

    Now that John Kessler is gone I no longer watch the morning news on Channel 5. He was the reason for me choosing Channel 5. What happened to him?

  155. KDH says:

    BRING JOHN KESSLER BACK! Sydnie and John were the best way to start my day at 5:00am.

  156. Erb says:

    I was wondering what happened to John. I thought he might have been on vacation or was sick. I quess he is both now! The management made a bad move. I enjoyed listening to John and Sydnie as a team. They always started my day with a little of humor, which is what everyone needs in thiis time of financial problems. I have also switched to another channel to watch the news.

  157. naz says:

    Bring back Kessler….I like Sydnie…but she needs Kessler – we all do!

    1. Shonni says:

      I agree with you, my husband and I like Sydnie Kohara
      and she needs John with her they make a great team.

  158. Juanita says:

    What the heck? John and Sydney were what I got up and turned channel 5 on to see/hear. Bring John back! PLEASE! Also, it is not very inviting to see the all women cast. I am waiting…but not for long. Juanita

  159. Isaac says:

    John made the morning news worth watching. Letting him go was not a wise decision and he will be missed.

    I am done with CBS5 news until John comes back.

  160. says:

    I miss John, too. Where did he go? I was hoping he was just on vacation. I lost interest in the morning ch 5 news.

  161. dshore says:

    John would have ;loved the Transbay Terminal desctruction – A LOCAL BLOWED-UP! I hope he’s around and can enjoy it when it begins to have the wrecking ball hit.

  162. Allie says:

    I don’t watch the early edition news anymore without John Kessler! All Girls format is no Fun and quite boring. You really should try to entertain your viewers and bring him back

  163. Julie Hopkins says:

    I agree with Allie my cup of coffee without their humor while informing us is boring!!!

  164. sarah and wesley says:

    Bring John Kessler back so we can watch your news again.

  165. Pam says:

    I’ve been missng waking up in the morning with John Kessler !
    Where did he go? I thought he was taking an awfully long vacation until I just logged onto and etere his name in the Search box.
    That’s when I saw these other comments. He’s truly not with you any longer?
    Are you crazy?
    If he’s working elsewhere we ALL want to know where he went so we can tune our loyal dials his way!

  166. Shonni says:

    Why did you let John Kessler go! He is the biggest reason I watched CBS5.
    Where is he? He is an Excellent news anchor.
    Bring him back!

  167. don young says:

    I have to aree with all of the other comments above.Maybe instead of fireringJohn,Harry Dave,maggie All the big shots with their fat salaries should check out unemployment.I,like the rest will choose another channel.

  168. Susan says:

    I can/t understand why CBS would ruin their whole morning line-upl. Not only is Harry Smith gone, but all the beautiful women. In their place are a bunch of no personalities, but they all look alike with big toothy smiles, and all the same age. They all look alike! They make the other stations look good. I miss Dave too with the weather! Channel 4 may have excessive advertising, but at least the people I have come to like are still there. I’d rather have too much advertising and still have good programming. You made a bad trade-off.

  169. Jason says:

    Getting rid of John Kessler and choosing these local replacements drove us away from KPIX in the early morning time slot. However, we came back for the national broadcast at 7:00 whenever we could to catch the CBS team, with Harry, Maggie and Dave. Although the NY team underwent several incarnations they were getting smarter and more professional as they went along. Now we are faced at 7:00 am with shallow replacements and a collective lack of experience and professionalism. Some of us still want people to listen to who know more about the news than we do!

  170. Tracy says:

    I dont ‘t watch CH5 news any more. Still discusted in January.

  171. Susan says:

    I finally gave up on Channel 5 in the early morning when you seem to have replaced Tracy Humphrey with that verbally abusive Robert Lyles. Maybe you thought we had forgotten how he treated the two earlier weather women, but I sure didn’t. I can’t stand him. Also, I didn’t like the way Ken Bastida challenged Roberta Gonzales after her weather report the other niight–not once, but five
    times he repeated it. What’s with the bad attitude? .

  172. Kathy says:

    Every now and then I change to channel 5 in the AM and still understand the reason I switched. No John Kessler, you have Elizabeth as an anchor – she should go back to traffic and bring John or Julliette back in the AM. Also, didn’t like Tracy, but now you have Robert and someone else. You need to get it right and bring John Kessler back. That is why you have lost so many AM viewers. I love KTVU now.

  173. Angela says:

    you need to bring John back, dont like the channel 5 news in morning anymore. i now watch channel 4. PLEASE BRING OUR JOHN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Kathy says:

    It is so nice to see the news without all the silliness. I don’t need the news to be a comedy show, good move!

  175. Chris Flum says:

    We can’t believe how bad the morning news is without John Kessler. I am not a fan of mornings on 2 because of Sal C. and I hate Kron 4 because of Gary Radnich. and the nasally anchor chic. Channel 7 is not really local. I hope someone picks up John Kessler locally John Kessler and Sidney were very funny together. I will miss his beer and cornflake jokes. PS Who is this Frank dweeb they replaced John Kessler with? Boring….
    John if you get this reply and tell me whats up. Misss You Lots!

  176. Jean Yee says:

    We want John Kessler back! John where are you???

  177. Joe Saintclair says:

    What the heck happened to John Kessler and Tracy Humphrey? I keep tuning in to see if they have returned. When I see their replacements I turn to another station. If I can find out where they are I will make those stations my morning fare of television. As it stands now I’ll check back occasionally to see if you have corrected your mistake!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. J says:

    BRING BACK JOHN!!!!!!!

  179. Roxanne says:

    Where are John Kessler?
    Miss you lots. I don’t watch CBS morning news any longer. Not the same without you.

  180. Linda says:

    First we lose John Kessler, and now I see new weather and traffic people. Are you chasing away your good help?????

  181. I’m working on developing a blog like Local Animal Law Comes Into Question CBS San Francisco. I still have a way to go, and certainly don’t yet get the visitors you seem to have. if you can, please give me some comments on as I know it really needs a tune up. Nice website, sincerely, Galvin Clarke

  182. DSHORE says:

    You people have no idea how to dismiss your news staff, public humiliation doesn’t make you very popular. I stopped watching when John Kessler was dropped occasionally watching Sydnie Kohara but to see her saying goodbye and crying on air was more than a human being could endure. KPIX CEOs SUCK BIG TIME! NO CLASS;

  183. John1570 says:

    Very nice site!

  184. Wivehaibreber says:

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    Кто может подсказать ?
    Я у вас на форуме новичек, сильно не пинайте, если ошибся разделом.

    ps не посылайте сразу в – гуглю

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