A 13-year-old Sacramento boy was found in the street around 9:30 on Friday night with chains wrapped about both ankles and a padlock on each ankle. He told police that he got into trouble at home on Wednesday night and he had been chained to his kitchen table.

“At one point a parent had gone to a casino and left the child locked up to the kitchen table,” said Sacramento police Sgt Norm Leong.

Police arrested the boy’s father, 40-year-old John Vang and his stepmother, 34-year-old Thong Vue, on suspicion of false imprisonment and cruelty to a child.

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The boy told investigators he was able to sleep in his bed and use the bathroom but he was still in chains. He says when his father and stepmother went out gambling on Friday night, he found a key to the table lock.

The boy appears to be in good health, but he may suffered past physical abuse.

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  1. teehee says:

    Probably got an A- on his report card.

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