SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ Come September, San Francisco Muni riders could see more buses and trains after city officials unveiled a plan on Tuesday to restore 61 percent of the cuts made because of the agency’s ongoing budget problems.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom blames the May service reduction on cuts from the state and the refusal of the drivers’ union to agree to concessions like all other city workers.

Now, city leaders have scratched together enough money to bring back late night Owl service and full light rail service.

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“On September 4, there will be a 61 percent restoration, 178,000 hours, using creativity,” said Newsom. “We’re cobbling money together everywhere we can find it. The Transportation Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, looking at inefficiencies, actually doing more with less.”

Newsom said they’re pressing into service up to eight union leaders, who spend their days doing union work.

They’ll be back behind the wheel or fixing buses, a move that’s expected to save $900,000. Mayor Newsom said he hopes to be able to have all the cuts restored by this time next year.


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