Video-conferencing technology is widely used in the business world, but now it’s providing mothers of infants in Contra Costa with support and advice on breastfeeding.

Things don’t always go smoothly for a breastfeeding mother who’s just been released from the hospital.

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”Once they get home, for the first few days they can run into trouble and have questions or concerns and not know where to turn,” said Kaiser pediatrician Dr. Diana Mahar.

She says a grant from Kaiser Permanente is supporting a telemedicine pilot project for low-income mothers at health clinics at three cities in Contra Costa. It allows mothers to get help on breastfeeding through video-conferencing technology at the clinic.

”It’s actually a “Security One” line so it provides protection of patient privacy of health information,” said Mahar.

Mahar says this is a quick and effective way for mothers who are breastfeeding to get answers at their primary care clinic without having to travel too far.


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