California’s whooping cough epidemic shows no signs of slowing down, and now adults and older children are being urged to get a vaccine.

Even if you were immunized as a kid, there’s still a problem.

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“Our immune system does weaken over time, and by middle school age we all need to get a single vaccination,” said Dr. Jack Chou, president of the California Academy of Family Physicians.

He says current recommendations from the State Department of Public Health have expanded to children 7 to 9 years or older, who did not receive their routine vaccinations, as well as adults who are over 65 years old.

If you’re pregnant, a new mom, or even if you’re an infant caretaker of any age, it’s especially important to get your shot.

“We are the reservoirs to pass this on to the vulnerable children, and the problem with the recent deaths that we’re seeing in California is that they are happing in infants that are less than three months old,” said Chou.

As of July 27th, the number of California cases of whooping cough was six times greater than last year for the same time period. Our state is now on track to have the most cases of whooping cough reported in more than half a century.


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