A California consumer group is asking the government to take a closer look at an experimental project, partially owned by BP. The project, near Bakersfield, is one of many Senator John McCain listed, earlier this week, as an example of wasted federal stimulus funds.

Hydrogen Energy California, a joint venture between BP and the international mining company Rio Tinto, involves pumping CO2 through a pipeline beneath a California Aqueduct to an oil field in Southern California. Click to Listen

“The primary concern is that BP doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to experimental projects, and this certainly qualifies as an experimental project,” said California Public Interest Group consumer advocate Pedro Morillas. “It warrants a closer look at BP’s safety record in the states to make sure that our environment, as well as the folks working at this plant are safe.”

Morillas questions the wisdom of giving BP $300 million taxpayer dollars, before the company’s paid its debt to the government and people of the Gulf.

“It would be smart to at least make sure they take care of the folks in the Gulf and clean up their mess before giving them more tax payer money to subsidize them to do the exact same thing out here,” said Morillas.

BP has not responded to requests for comment.


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