An IRS agent shot and injured a suspect who tried to rob him in San Francisco’s Bayview district overnight.

The off-duty agent is with the IRS’s criminal investigations division.

The incident took place at around midnight on Marlin Court.

Authorities say two suspects approached the agent and attempted to rob him.

Police say the agent fired at the suspects as they fled after the attempted robbery, shooting one in the torso.

The injured suspect was arrested and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police are conducting an ongoing investigation of the incident and continue to hunt for the second suspect who fled the scene.

Comments (8)
  1. Nad says:

    Will IRS agents shoot us if we don’t have medical coverage after obamas healthcare scheme takes effect?

  2. haratley says:

    IRS agents carrying guns now?
    Shooting bad guys in the back?
    That’s scary!

    1. don says:

      Yes, they do required to carry guns.

  3. steve says:

    try to rob somebody,shame on you

  4. Jeanette says:

    IRS Job well done

  5. Guapo says:

    I always pack heat on the rare occasions I must venture into the Bayview.

  6. William Patrick Mosely says:

    The standing order for any police officer is to return fire when fired at. What’s so hard for you nimrods to grasp. When I served with the 82nd Airborne Division we had the same standing orders. This doesn’t take a damned rocket scientist to grasp the fundamentals. People really don’t like being shot at. Instead of whinning about this poor excuse for a human being, try and grieve for the pregnant woman killed by this punk in Seattle. If that bimbo had shot a couple of tourists or park people would you even give a damned? Grow up people!! The world is not a very nice place.

    1. anotheroldfart says:

      What dictated the use of eadly force by the off- duty agent. The “agent fired at the suspects as they fled…”. unless they left out a whole lot of details from this article, it doesn’t sound like a justifiable shooting, unlike the othe day.

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