OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)_ Some alleged gang members are now being tracked with GPS devices.

That’s an outgrowth of efforts to track other types of high-risk offenders with the technology.

Global Positioning Satellite monitoring efforts are increasing statewide not only for sex offenders, but also for known gang members. 

In Oakland despite the technology, some parolees still commit crimes while wearing GPS anklets.

Parole agents are more aggressively managing higher risk parolees.

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Director of Adult Parole Operations for the state of California, Robert Ambroselli says the parole reform calls for 1,000 GPS units being placed on gang members statewide, and that additionally, all sex offender parolees are now on GPS supervision.

“GPS plays a big role as an instrument in crime scene correlation for our partners,” said Ambroselli.

In fact, during a recent gangbuster sweep of the 48 people arrested, 22 were wearing GPS monitoring systems.

“I think with offenders like anything else they sometimes don’t tend to think all of their actions through,” added Ambroselli.  

In Alameda County, there are 199 sex offenders, and 40 gang members being monitored by GPS.


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