It turns out NASA may have the money after all to fully restore the iconic Hangar One at Moffett Field. The space agency is looking internally for the funds to put new walls on the giant structure.

NASA has long maintained that it doesn’t have the millions of dollars it would take to restore Hangar One, the massive white building that once housed the Navy’s giant air ships. However, now the space agency has submitted a request for information signaling that it may foot the bill after all, once toxic paneling is removed from the structure this fall.

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This is good news for Bay Area preservationists, but Lenny Siegel with the Save Hangar One Committee is not celebrating yet.

”NASA has not yet identified the money that they would need to recover the hangar,” said Siegel. “But this is a sign that they’re trying to do it.”

Replacing the paneling could cost an estimated $15 million to $45 million.

Siegel says he’s concerned that the hangar could look like a giant turkey carcass for years after the Navy removes the skin from the structure beginning in October.


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