Thousands of East Bay commuters who drive the Sunol Grade on Interstate 680 will see a Northern California first in September, as solo drivers will get to use the carpool lane, for a price.

Starting on September 20th, drivers who are alone in their cars will have the option of paying to use an Express Lane during the workweek on southbound I-680 if they have a FasTrak transponder.

”In a 14 mile stretch there will be three ways to get in and three well-marked ways to get out,” said Dennis Fay, executive director of the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency.

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He says he knows there’ll be some confusion at first.

”Using the facility is going to feel different to people,” said Fay. “Both the price and the variable price, along with the fact that the carpool lane now has limited entrances and exits.”

He says the price to drive on Northern California’s first express lane will vary from one dollar to $6 during 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. Fay warns an increased number of CHP officers will be looking to catch cheaters.


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