BERKELEY, Calif. (KCBS) – It may not be a politically popular stand in this election year, but the chancellor at UC Berkeley says California should make more room for illegal immigrants at its elite universities.

In fact, Cal is welcoming undocumented immigrant students with open arms. UC Berkeley has a record number of low-income students this year, and many of them are undocumented immigrants.

According to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, 37% of Cal students come from families earning $45,000 or less, annually. That’s more than Stanford and the entire Ivy League, combined. “This year we actually will have a record number of low-income students on our campus, the most Berkeley has ever had in its entire history,” he declared.

Some of the students in the low-income ranks are here illegally, including one freshman whose family brought him to American when he was five. “He actually didn’t know he was undocumented because his parents never told him,” explained Birgeneau. “And then he applied for financial aid and that is how he found out that he was undocumented. I mean, talk about human tragedies.”

Birgeneau says that student was allowed to enroll, and is being welcomed at Cal. The chancellor further said that California simply can’t afford to waste talented students, even if they are illegal immigrants. “Those are the kind of people we need to move California forward. So we need to find a pathway, not just education, but to citizenship for these outstanding people.”

Comments (4)
  1. Zack Debarco says:

    The legal citizens of this state have to deal with reduced services and income so that these “eletist’s” give away the limited resources to illegal immigrants. When is it going to stop?
    THE LIFEBOAT IS FULL!!! Comprende?!!

  2. Rick Guzman says:

    How many low income students of United States citizenship, that are outstanding people apply to Berkeley only to be rejected because of space quotas. Your message sends a clear message to all the tax paying citizens that pay your check that you shoud be fired.

  3. Colin Sanders says:

    Robert Birgeneau should be fired. I pay my taxes so that legal residents can attend school. There are more than enough legal low-income students in this state who should have priorty over the illegals.

  4. Mario Liu says:

    What people don’t know is that undocumented students are not getting a free education. In fact 30% of their tuition goes to a RTA(return to aid) fund that is supposed to go to financial aid that undocumented students are not allowed to recieve. In addition, many of undocumented students and their parents pay taxes and don’t receive any refund. I understand the frustration that anti-undocumented people have, and I am not condoning undocumented immigration, but if people spent dome time listening/reading undocumented students stories, people would realize how American these students are. America stop terrorizing these kids. Let these kids stabilize the economy by allowing them to work lawfully in the United States.

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