SARATOGA, Calif. (KCBS) – Pet owners in Saratoga say they have been traumatized by a number of deadly coyote attacks.

“Quite a tragedy,” Grace Catanzaro described the killing of her 15 year-old tabby by coyotes last month. “Found out that coyotes had been roaming the neighborhood and attacking cats, and this was probably the fifth one that was attacked and we’d really like to see it stopped.”

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Authorities confirm the incidents, saying there has been a recent increase in the number of coyote attacks.

“What we’re seeing is just coyotes expanding their territory, adapting it to prey items as they go,” explained Russ Parman with Santa Clara County Vector Control. “So if they move into an area and adapt to the presence of humans, which they do quite readily, then they’ll start taking the urban pets as a prey item.”

As a precaution, no cat or dog food should be left outside, and pets shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely at night.

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  1. Dorothy Lewis says:

    for those of us who live in Saratoga, it would be helpful to know what area is affected (currently). part of Saratoga is wild hills, but part is quite urban. is it the hills or have they really moved into the mainstream areas?

    1. sandy says:

      We live right up from the town off canyon view. A coyote came right up to my open garage at 11:15AM last week as I was unloading groceries. My cat just came out in front of me as I had returned out for my 2nd load. Luckily I saw the coyote head for the cat and I was able to scare him off (rather reluctantly). My cat is fine but now indoors. very scarey.

  2. Virginia Griffey says:

    A good way to stop coyotes from eating your cats is to keep your cats inside. Other benefits: Your cats are less likely to get a lot of diseases that only outdoor cats get; your cats are less likely to be tortured by future serial killers; your cats are less likely to kill other animals like mice and birds and otherwise affect the natural environment. Please keep your cats inside.

  3. Art Ritchie says:

    Get a Great Pyrenees. They dine on coyotes.

  4. Dina Holst says:

    Our neighborhood is the one discussed in this news segment. It has had about 10 cats killed by coyotes. We are located within the boundaries of Prospect High School to the North, Saratoga Creek to the East, Cox Road to the South & Saratoga Ave to the West. So we are on the edge of the urban area, just south of Westgate Mall, etc.

    1. Laila Collins says:

      This morning a cat was killed on our next door neighbors lawn, we live behind the AMC saratoga movie theatre.. vector control said it was a coyote

  5. Amanda Fisk says:

    I live near Westmont High in Campbell which is near the Saratoga neighborhoods. Jan 2010 and Feb 2011 I lost two cats to suspected coyotes attacks. The damage to the cats body was so horrible that it couldnt be racoons!
    It’s still happening. We try so hard to get all kitties in at night but sometimes they wont come. We are going to be extra diligent now

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