OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)_ Nicole Young has been at the side of her husband since the Fremont police officer was critically injured during a shootout one week ago.

Officer Todd Young has undergone four surgeries at Highland Hospital since being shot twice in the pelvis by a suspected gang member he and other officers were pursuing in Oakland.

“I was told on Friday that it wasn’t looking good and they didn’t think he would make it off the operating table,” she said.

The initial procedure alone required 60 units of blood. Subsequent surgeries tried to repair damage to Officer Young’s stomach and bladder. Doctors say he will require at least one more procedure.

The 39-year-old has been under heavy sedation in intensive care for the last seven days. Young called his wife after the shooting to say he had been hit in the leg.

“So I threw my kids in the car and came up here,” she said. She decided to keep the details of her husband’s condition from their two children.

“They know that Taddie was shot in the leg and he’s sleeping so he can get better and come home. And that’s all they know, and that’s all they need to know,” Mrs. Young said.

His condition has been improving daily, hospital officials said.

The suspect charged with Young’s shooting, 20-year-old Andrew Barrientos, was arrested outside San Diego two days after the shooting trying to flee to Mexico.

Investigators say Barrientos confessed to the shooting. The ten felony charges against him include attempted murder and carjacking, and could carry a life sentence if he is convicted on all counts.

Young and another officer were trying to serve a domestic violence order on Barrientos at an address in East Oakland as part of an anti-gang task force when the shooting happened on August 27.

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Police Chief Praises Community

Meanwhile Fremont’s police chief is praising the community’s response to last week’s shooting.

Chief Craig Steckler calls the response to the shooting of one of his officers extraordinary.

Steckler also had high praise for the work done by Oakland police.

“I have been in law enforcement in Alameda County for 30 years. This is a typical type of investigation. It’s first class all the way,” said Steckler.

Officer Young was shot a week ago Friday in East Oakland while he was working as part of an anti-gang task force.

Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman says the shooting has touched everyone in his city.

“The community response has been really gratifying and I’m sure gratifying for the family and certainly gratifying for us,” said Wasserman.

Wasserman says that has translated to action.

“From my own experience, I’ve received e-mails from several groups asking what ‘we’ can do and I’ve said we need blood, and they’ve gone out and organized blood drives,” added Wasserman.

20-year-old Andrew Barrientos of Union City has been arrested for allegedly shooting Young.


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