SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCBS)_ For only the second time in 34 years, state lawmakers have reached September without passing a budget.KCBS reports there is little indication that Democrats and Republicans are ready to compromise.

If it gets past September 16th the California State Legislature will have a new tardy date for passing a state budget. Political consultant Leo McElroy says the two sides have reached an ideological impasse.

“It’s basically partisanship. Both parties are responding to their pressure groups,” said McElroy.

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Republicans say they will not back any new taxes while Democrats have proposed three major tax ideas.  Republicans want to slash social programs; Democrats want to preserve welfare to work and in-home care for the disabled and elderly.  So political consultant Leo Mcelroy says the impasse remains.

“It’s scary.  A decline of sense of responsibility is absolutely incredible.  The governor is going to probably have to break his pledge that he will not sign a budget, even if one is enacted, unless it also contains pension reform and a mandatory spending limit,” added McElroy.

McElroy believes the governor is going to have to bend as the question remains, when will California have a budget?

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  1. Peter says:

    Starting during the Vietnam days, when tuition (incidental fee)was low, I spent 11 years at UC campuses and now have a good salary. It’s time to tax me for my California education even though I now live in a state without income tax.

  2. Steve in Las Vegas,NV says:

    As usual there is NO budget.Why is it that playing politics is more important than doing what the people sent them to Sacramento to do, and that is the peoples work. Seems to me tha only thing they’re doing is acting like children, If they can’t have their way, nothing will happen.

    Guess what, November is coming, and the people might decide they aren’t happy with this.

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