PITTSBURG, Calif. (KCBS) _ Police and volunteers are continuing their search on Sunday for the body of a missing Hercules man.

This will be the third day of searching at the Keller Canyon landfill. Police are looking for 35-year-old Frederick Sales, who has been missing since August 26.

Police began searching at the landfill after finding a white Cadillac Escalade on Wednesday that was driven by a now-deceased suspect, who police said may be responsible for the disappearance of Sales.

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Hercules police spokeswoman Doreen Matthews said officers and volunteers are sifting through trash collected between August 25 and August 31.

“They’re still just going through the process. We have the excavator that will scoop up debris,” Matthews said. “Volunteers are manually sifting through that scoop of debris and subsequently, cadaver dogs are also going through that scoop.”

The search is part of a multiple murder investigation. Sales’ 73-year-old father, Ricardo Sales was found dead in his home on August 28.

Police believe he was murdered by Efren Valdemoro, who was fatally shot in Richmond by CHP officers after a high-speed chase  on Tuesday night.

Authorities have linked Valdemoro to three other murder victims- two women whose decomposed bodies were found at a Vallejo home and Valdemoro’s girlfriend, who was found dead in his car at the time he was shot by officers.

It is still unclear how long authorities will continue the search at the landfill.


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