Monday AM | 09/20/2010

John Madden discusses Bruce Gradkowski of the Raiders, Michael Vick of the Eagles, and the NFL QB controversies; Jahvid Best’s big show for the Lions; the importance of the 49ers’ Monday night game against New Orleans. (9/20; 8:05)

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Comments (18)
  1. pg says:

    This is my third complaint about this feature. First, the Madden segment drops off during the play and, second, there is no history (what he said last week for instance). So far the change on this page is no worthy of a professional organization. I would be embarrassed to recommend this site to anyone.

  2. jm says:

    I agree completely. The old site was pretty good. This “remodel” is terrible, totally inept and a real step backwards.

  3. Dan says:

    Same comments as pg. The Madden segments drops off while I am listening!

  4. Rob says:

    What was wrong with the format they had before, with the podcasts from the last 2 weeks or so? It’s needlessly complex now. And PG is right, it drops out in the middle.

  5. Robert Gelber says:

    I am an avid listener to the daily Madden podcast. On this new web page I am unable to access this feature. This new web page is very frustrating and not user friendly. Please give an access to the Madden podcast, so I may listen to it at my convenience.

  6. JWC says:

    The audio keeps stopping. Can’t get through the segment. Please fix.

  7. Terry in Bradenton,Fl says:

    Agree with the above comments. Get somebody’s 12 year old to set it up the way it was!

  8. Suzanne de Beaumont says:

    I agree. The audio cuts off at different times but always before the end of the broadcast!

  9. viml sheh says:

    you need more attention …………there are better ways to get attention than messing with the madden audio………….

  10. John Green says:

    Horrible site re-design, audio keeps cutting out. Did you actually pay someone to do this?

  11. R. J. Mann says:

    Since the new format came into being, I have not heard the complete broadcast. What’s with that?

  12. Hersh Brown says:

    “There was a problem downloading ‘The Daily Madden.” The URL ‘http://podcastrss.playit/the-daily-madden_mp3_xml’ could not be found on the server.” Madden quit loading to I tunes on 9/13/10, although Dave Ross, Osgood, and Matier still come in ok. On this site, Madden audio dumps out in the middle of the show. Can’t hear it, can’t work with it, gotta fix it.

  13. stewie says:

    This website is terrible. Why was there a change. It was much more user friendly before. Have you not heard the saying…if it’s fixed don’t break it???

  14. hal says:

    who is the brain surgeon who did this?

  15. A Taketomo says:

    This web site is awful – I couldn’t even leave a comment. Let’s see if this one actually goes through. I have the same complaints about the Madden segment – it takes too long to load and doesn’t always play through. The entire web site is not as good as the old KCBS web site – it takes way too long to load. Fix it!

  16. Dennis in Syracuse says:

    First you take it off iTunes, now there is no history? Don’t you want people who don’t live in the Bay area to listen to John?

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