After years on the CW, Superman/Clark Kent fans can now rejoice and celebrate with a box of tissues for the final 10th and final season of Smallville. Many questions arise, “Does Clark don the suit?”, “Does he get to fly?”…better yet! How do we get two Lois Lanes on the same camera frame?

Well, we got your answer! Teri Hathcer, Lois Lane from “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” will guest star as present-story Lois Lane’s (Erica Durnace) mother, Ella. For you die hard fans, YES, Ella is dead, however through the magic of storytelling, Lois will find videotapes of her mother. Very clever!

Don’t miss Friday’s on the CW-Bay Area Cable 12, when Smallville returns for it’s 10th and final season! Teri Hatcher’s episode titled “Abandoned”, will be the eighth episode. The season premiere will be this Friday, September 24th at 8:00pm.


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