Thursday AM | 09/23/2010

John Madden analyzes the effectiveness of icing the kicker, how it’s changed since coaches have been allowed to call timeouts, and the timeout call that should be a penalty; why Oregon State painted their field blue, and other game prep strategies that can backfire; when coaches lose sight of what’s important. (9:05)

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Comments (3)
  1. pg says:

    Thank you for improving the play back quality in the last few days. However, as stated three times before, I would like to have access to listen to old broadcasts (e.g. what did Coach say last Tuesday?) When will this feature be added back to the site (a function that worked very well before all these non-user friendly changes to the site were made).

    1. Ed says:

      The Daily Madden podcast page is located in the “Watch + Listen” section of the website, linked from the nav bar. You’ll find past Daily Maddens there.

  2. Bob Schubert says:

    Will the Daily Madden Podcast ever be available again on Itunes?

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