SAN BRUNO (CBS) – A fundraiser for victims of the San Bruno explosion and fire brought out hundreds of neighbors and supporters Saturday.

The event took place at the San Bruno Recreation Center, the very same place many evacuees learned they had lost their homes.

Warm weather and live bands kept spirits high, and there was plenty of food.

According to the organizers the event took on a life of its own once they announced it.

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  1. N. Ann Singh says:

    Hi I would like to make a donation to San Bruno for this specific problem. Who do I make my check out to? N Ann Singh

    1. irena says:

      please donate to American Red Cross
      hot line : 650-259-1765

      1. jenn says:

        you do know if you donate to the red cross it goes into one fun for all disasters…

    2. jenn says:

      Make the check out to the city of san bruno and in the memo write “glenview” Or you can send a check to the lions club of san bruno they to are dispensing funds to victims

  2. Mikey says:

    I”m pretty sure every homeowner out there has house insurance. It’s only a matter of time until they get that fat check from home insurance company.

    1. Karin says:

      Unfortunately there were renters who don’t have any insurance.

  3. eric cartman says:

    if u dnt have anything good to say then shut up

  4. fact facer says:

    american cross is a fat pig that snoops around everywhere there is some money to get.

  5. Kenaneu says:

    If you’d prefer not to donate the red cross, the city of san bruno has information on alternatives that are more likely to actually end up in the hands of those affected by the fire. Please see the city’s web page:

  6. Ross says:

    Mikey, that “Fat Check” will not replace the lives that they lost. If something tragic happened to you, I’m sure you won’t be sitting there feeling that a “Fat Check” will solve everything.

  7. J Cat says:

    This is what community is all about to me and my family and that is helping to support others in times of need. I hope I never need any kind of assistance but if I do, I am thankful for my community. This may sound like B.S. to some, but I am a firm believer.

  8. Darrin says:

    If you donate to the American Red Cross. Please state “restricted for San Bruno Explosion” on your check or else they can use the funds for other disasters and their overhead. If you place restricted they are audited and will have to track the funds distribution seprately

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