SAN LEANDRO (AP) — Black bear sightings are not uncommon in California’s backcountry or even around trash bins in Lake Tahoe. But in a strip mall along a busy East Bay freeway?

Yet that’s the strange situation the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after someone dumped a dead 300-pound bear outside a small San Leandro grocery store.

Sgt. J. D.. Nelson said a white pickup truck was seen depositing the bear’s body Sunday night and speeding away. The animal had been shot in the shoulder.

But why it was left where it was remains a mystery.

California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Kyle Orr told the Oakland Tribune that bear-hunting season opened last month in some parts of the state.

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  1. NW says:

    This is not right. Whoever did this- this will come back to you.

  2. Don says:

    Probably some college students that thought it would be “fun” to bring a dead bear from the mountains…. until it started to get reall stinky .. and they decided to dump it.

  3. june says:

    Bear killing, deer killing, fawn with arrow shot through his body have been reported.

    Do we not pay for the California Department of Fish and Game staff to protect the wild animals?

    Do we need to overhaul the local California Department of Fish and Game?

    This is not just reporting a bear killed,iit is saying Investigations are needed and now.

    1. P. says:

      Don’t need to overhaul an already complicated, expensive system. California spends more on an overly bug system that’s almost impossible to understand. The fishing guide is 200 pages long and you still need to check several websites before you go fishing. If you are on the left side of a creek or right side the rules change…
      Some homeowner in the mountains probably got tired of an aggressive dangerous animal but doesn’t want to go to jail for protecting themselves and their family.

    2. LKC says:

      Do you really think CDFG can be everywhere at once, watching every wild animal 24 hours a day, to make sure no one kills it?
      Humans have cops but no one can be a everywhere at one to prevent every killing.
      You just are not making sense

    3. Fred says:

      Yes, Department of Floundering Game. It needs more funding! But our politicians support water for Westlands Water District, and not giving money to DFG to be adequately funded. 1 county in Oregon has as many F&G wardens as the entire state of California.

  4. Animal lover says:

    Killing for sport? Only a redneck would find this an idea of fun. How disrespectful!

    1. P. says:

      I used to enjoy picking my own strawberries as a kid, building my own sandcastle, catching wild pheasant for dinner.
      Still remember hunting my first deer. Guess I could pay someone else to kill an enslaved, incarcerated animal for me but I prefer the wild ones and don’t see that it’s any better to shift my Karma to another.
      Hunting provides wild caught food (better then free range IMHO) and a connection to nature that, apart from our modern sensibilities, is thousands of years old. That I enjoy the days of hiking, tracking, learning about an animal, camping in the wild instead of a concrete pad ‘campground’ and the connection to nature (even as a predator) does not mean I disrespect the animal.
      And I may be a “redneck” but I thought that we in California were about open-mindedness for other peoples cultures and beliefs.
      Or did I get that wrong…

      1. Kram says:

        You want a connection with nature? Take a hike. No need to kill in order to connect with nature. And yes all that you said shows you disrespect the animal. The animal is not alive, it did not appreciate or understand your type of respect.

        Also having an open-mind does not mean that we accept all forms of action and lifestyles if those actions include pain/suffering, racism, sexism, classism etc etc

  5. Kennx7 says:

    Bear hunting should be punishable as murder. Just count the number of bears left in California and compare it to the human population. Our state had 16 million people in the 1960’s. Now we have have 40 million people living here. Compare that to the bear population decrease from the 60’s. Yet our state flag is a California grizzly bear. The last one was shot in 1923.

  6. boo boo says:

    That’s what happens when you steal picnic baskets

  7. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    Disgusting. This poor animal was wounded, thrown in the back of a truck, and driven in this horrid heatwave where it prob died a slow and painful death.
    I would love to tie these punks to their truck and drag them until the cease to exist.
    Most humans are trash. They desecrate all living things.

  8. P. says:

    Dad always had a rule. If you kill it, you eat it.
    Native Americans used all of the animal an honored it’s spirit. They would thank the spirit of the animal for it’s gift of sustenance and strength. Hunting a predator is doubly spiritual as you are hunting the hunter. Most hunter’s i know still hold these ideals.
    There must be hunting to ensure populations and keep nature’s balance. But we must keep ourselves as guardians and active participants in nature guided by her. But one should never waste a kill.
    A killing like this, left to rot, dumped in the city is a waste. Of the bear’s strength, its warmth, its spirit. A shame.

    1. kram says:

      When you talk about Doubly Spiritual, its almost DOUBLY ridiculous. What you feel twice connected to the animal or to God when you kill it?
      Im sure the animal appreciates that.

      RE “There must be hunting to ensure populations and keep nature’s balance”. Yes Im sure that is exactly what people thought when they were hunting Carrier Pigeon or American Bison. [ Sarcasm ]

      You honestly think that hunters, fishermen etc care about really protecting natures balance? When your friends go hunting, that day, they are in direct contact with Dept of Fish and Game or preservationists to determine the population of the animals in that local region at that time?

      1. Fred says:

        Veganism is an eating disorder. Just wait, you will find out with your own body. Just keep it up.

        I fish, and I kill few, if any fish. I’d rather throw rocks at unresponsible “fellow stewards of nature,” than kill the fish.

        Instead of moaning about hunting and fishing, howabout advocating the removal of dams that block access to spawning gravel.

        How about advocating charging NE California farmers for water that they get for free now? Then Westlands water district would have to charge SoCal more money for it.

    2. Fred says:

      Native Americans ran buffalo off of cliffs one they had horses and guns. They were only in “harmony with the environment” because they were limited by there technology. The tribes of New Guinea are the few I’ve known who resist the encroachment of technology on their “harmonious ways” when they had the knowledge of that technology.

  9. KelSea1 says:

    KRAM – I fish and dive for abalone and I can say that I and most people with whom I
    enjoy these activities care deeply about the health of our natural resources, more so, probably, than most people. We love nature, even if we enjoy taking something home to eat every now and then.

    In fact, people who just go to the beach to look around have less understanding of or connection with the ocean than someone who actually dives down and witnesses the beautiful surroundings (even if their intention is to take home 3 abalone to eat).

    And if you think the DFG really care about protecting our resources, you’re kidding yourself. They’re a political entity like any other; swayed by money more than anything else. They have been responsible for massive fish die-offs in the delta and are notorious for lousy, often corrupt enforcement, more dedicated to writing up bogus citations than catching true offenders.

    That said, I’m not a fan of bear hunting, and this was a despicable act.

  10. kram says:

    KelSea1, I don’t agree with what you do either. And I know DFG doesnt do what people think they should. My issue is that people who do these acts, hunt, fish, etc. often claim to do this under the guise of loving nature, connecting with nature, population management etc and I call BS.I believe Its people looking for excuses to justify to themselves or others that they just like the thrill of the kill or the taste of meat.

    At least, even if I disagree with you, you are not making excuses. I would like to add that as many divers who respect nature like you do, there are prob countless ones who take immature Abalone, and catch immature lobster etc…just to satiate their tastebuds or their wallets. So I say leave all the fish in the oceans alive where they belong and all the animals on land alive where they belong and everyone should take up a different hobby.

  11. KelSea1 says:

    My problem is that many of the people who are so opposed to fishing and abalone diving have never tried it, and rarely visit the ocean at all, so it really does not affect them.

    And as I said before, hunting/killing/consumptive take/whatever-you-want-to-call-it does help you connect with nature. Most of my friends do not fish and know practically nothing about the ocean, and frankly, they don’t care about its health as much as I do because they don’t fish or dive; it really doesn’t matter to them and is more conceptual than practical.

    You’re right, there are a lot of people who take illegal abalone to sell – that’s called “poaching” and it’s already illegal. Banning recreational take won’t help. In fact it will most likely increase poaching activity by clearing the area of law-abiding consumptive users.

    Many recreational fishermen are very concerned about and protective of the resources. I’ve personally called F&G to report poachers while hundreds of tourists stood by, completely unaware that an infraction was taking place.

  12. KelSea1 says:

    Kram, are you a vegetarian? Do you eat any meats?

  13. Kali says:

    To all. When was it decided the bloated Human population was responsible for the “Balance” of all other creatures. If a creature needs to be balanced its humans. Most are waste of air.

    1. Fred says:

      The only reason the Earth is pristine in any way now is because of the human setback called bubonic plague.

      Welcome, oh savior! Ebola!!!

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