Phil Matier: Post-Debate Snubs, Allred’s Accusations

Wedneday AM | 09/29/2010

The KCBS and Chronicle insider gives a breakdown of what happened after the California gubernatorial debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown Tuesday night, saying the two avoided reporters afterwards, snubbing what is called the “spin room.”

KCBS Phil Matier Reports:

Still, he says that could be overshadowed when Attorney Gloria Allred reveals what she says are “controversial and explosive allegations” against Meg Whitman by her former housekeeper.

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  • Big G

    Gloria Allred is no better than a turd in the street. Always looking to make a buck off of somebody’s back! Are the media & the Demorcrats that worried that Meg might win against the career pension getter Brown?

  • redrazor

    This Allred clown is the one who filed a law suite against “Arnold” for “Sexual Harassment” just before the election back in 2004, when he first ran for Governor to replace Gray Davis (Brown Jerry’s old Chief of Staff from the 70s. She is a true political hack in every sense of the word. I feel bad for the put down of “turds” by the previous poster! She’s more like the left overs on the toilet paper of politics.

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