SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco Superior Court judge on Thursday issued a preliminary injunction to keep two rival gangs out of the Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

The injunction bans 41 suspected gang members from congregating near Sunnydale and two other nearby housing projects.

Deputy City Attorney Yvonne Mere said violent crime connected to the Towerside Gang and the Down Below Gangsters warrants the stay-away injunctions.

“It’s shooting across public streets,” she said. “Bullets are found in people’s windows or in their cars.”

The city built its case around police reports of assaults, shootings and groups congregating in large, menacing numbers, said Deputy City Attorney Michael Weiss.

There was no motion filed to oppose the injunction.

In the past, Public Defender Jeff Adachi has argued that suspects wrongly named as gang members face tremendous difficulties trying to be removed from such an injunction.

This is the fourth time that city attorney Dennis Herrera’s office has used a civil injunction to control gang-related crime.

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Comments (2)
  1. zak says:

    I think it’s time to just put opposing gangs into a Sports Arena to fight each other to the death. The winning gang takes on the next gang. Most of these guys are useless as tits on a bull, and have the mental capacity of a gnat. Working in the field, really tired of hearing “you feel me” “breaffess” (means breakfast), Axed a question (meaning ask a question), etc. Simply put, 3 year olds have more brain power. We should just volcano drop and spend the money on the very young in the hoods; under 15. You can save the older generations, so invest in the youth.

  2. oldfart says:

    Why limit this injunction to just two gangs, there are plenty of other black and latino gangs that should be included such as ( MS-13, Norteños, Chopper City, Eddy Rock, Knock Out Posse, Oakdale Mob and Surenos) just to name a few.

    Walk any street in the Mission, Tenderloin or Western Addition and you will see gang bangers standing on almost every corner. Get rid of gangs in the city and crime will dramatically drop and the streets will be safer to walk.

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