OAKLAND (BCN) — A suspected gang member pleaded not guilty Thursday to attempted murder and 12 other felony charges stemming from an incident last month in which he allegedly shot a Fremont police officer in Oakland.

Andrew Barrientos, a 20-year-old Union City man, is scheduled to return to Alameda County Superior Court on Oct. 13 for a hearing to determine if he is ready to have his preliminary examination begin the following day, Oct. 14.

His attorney, Anne Beles, told Judge Robert McGuiness on Thursday that she might ask for a continuance so she has more time to prepare for the preliminary examination, which will determine if there’s enough evidence for Barrientos and two co-defendants to stand trial.

Barrientos is accused of shooting Fremont police Officer Todd Young, 39, when he and fellow Officer Eric Tang attempted to arrest Barrientos at 2009 Auseon Ave., near Bancroft Avenue, in East Oakland around 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 27.

The two officers were working in Oakland as part of the Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force and had a warrant for Barrientos’ arrest for an incident in April as well as for allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend with a gun in San Leandro on Aug. 13.

Barrientos waived his right to have a speedy preliminary examination within 10 court days, but one of the other suspects, 23-year-old Gustavo Silva of Union City, refused to waive time and asked that the preliminary hearing for all three defendants begin on Oct. 14.

Beles appeared to be upset that Silva refused to waive time, telling McGuiness, “I need to be prepared to represent a young man on these serious charges, and there is an enormous amount of evidence.”

She said, “I will make every effort to be prepared, but there are over 800 pages of discovery (documents) and voluminous statements by witnesses.”

McGuiness said that if Beles asks for a continuance at the Oct. 13 hearing, he will consider it only “reluctantly.”

Oakland police said that after Young was shot, Barrientos tried to carjack one vehicle before successfully stealing a second vehicle.

Barrientos fled to Southern California but was arrested near the Mexican border the day after the shooting, police said.

Fremont Police Chief Craig Steckler, who attended Thursday’s court hearing with three of his officers, said Young is still being treated at Highland Hospital and will have to remain there at least two more weeks.

Steckler said Young’s bladder hasn’t healed so far, and he underwent a surgery Thursday morning to bypass his bladder and have two tubes inserted that exit into a catheter.

He said Young also has suffered painful nerve damage and is using medication to ease his pain and help him sleep.

“I want to thank community members for their blood donations and all of their cards and letters of support,” Steckler said.

In addition to attempted murder, Barrientos is charged with carjacking, attempted carjacking, and two counts each of shooting at an occupied vehicle, carrying a concealed firearm, and carrying a loaded firearm in a city.

He’s also charged with numerous enhancement clauses that could increase his prison time, including allegations that he was acting to benefit a gang and was involved in street terrorism.

In addition, Barrientos is charged with assault with a firearm and making terrorist threats in connection with the incident with his ex-girlfriend on Aug. 13.

Silva, who’s accused of helping Barrientos flee after Young was shot, pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to attempted murder and transportation of marijuana.

The third defendant, 30-year-old Francisco Sierra of Union City, who’s also accused of helping Barrientos flee, pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to attempted murder and an allegation that he furthered gang activity.

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Comments (4)
  1. Anne says:

    It doesn’t mean he’s innocent. He is still guilty whether he feels it or not. He is competent enough to stand trial and to freely admit that he attempted to murder this police officer. He should also be locked in prison for the rest of his life and I don’t want to see another picture of him. His behavior completely disgusts me.

  2. Alfred E. Newman says:


  3. Common Sense says:

    If we enforced the death penalty in this state and actually executed people, maybe this loser would have thought two or three times before shooting at a police officer. The entire system is flawed.

  4. Joe Citizen says:

    This is what you get when you have uncontrolled immigration. This individual has no job skills, no strong family unit, a lack of character, and a poor education. This is what you get when you have uncontrolled immigration from a third world country. We can not absord this kind of individual into our society. Again this is all based on a politically motivated agenda.

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