San Francisco Weighs Program Promoting Chemical-Free Nail Salons

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco supervisors were considering legislation that would encourage residents to go to salons that use chemical-free nail polish.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that salons that participate in the Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program by using toxic-free polishes would likely get a decal from the city to put in their window.

The Board of Supervisors’ public safety committee on Monday recommended the full board approve legislation creating the program.

The decision came after testimony from public health advocates and salon workers, who attributed chemicals in nail polish to health problems such as headaches, dizziness and asthma.

The three chemicals that are considered dangerous are toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. They are found in most nail polishes.

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  • Big G

    It really is time for city wide elections for our Supervisors. These clowns could not get elected if they had to garner the entire City vote. They should have to live in the District to run for office. This only the people in that area voting for them, get people elected who could careless about what happens to the entire City. They think they have a right to tell us what to eat, how to dispose of it, what color we can paint our nails now, what’s next with these stupes. Come on San Francsico wake up, these progeressive liberals can’t solve a budget, they put criminals, illegals & the homeless before itw working Citizens. Time to change the way these idiots do our City business!!!

  • Mr Merciless

    I own a rental in the city…What a complete inbred government it is. the rent control board are morons. And this stupid legislation is just further proof that they have no clue how to promote business, only how to kill it. I’m selling my rental and divorcing myself from this inbred anal loving ciity!

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