SACRAMENTO (CBS) – California driver licenses are getting a new look. The Department of Motor Vehicles unveiled the upgraded license Wednesday.

DMV says it’s too easy right now to get a fake license and the changes are designed to make it harder to make counterfeit licenses.

The majority of concerns involve counterfeit licenses being used by illegal immigrants to get work.

The new license has more security features like a laser engraved signature.

It will also have a second smaller picture of you visible only under ultraviolet light.

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Comments (7)
  1. Alex says:

    Have too wonder how much this cost us tax payers only to have crooked DMV employees steal and sell them?

  2. cathy Woon says:

    so when is this going to happen. abnd how much more will it cost.

  3. Mario Augusto says:

    Great idea!.. specially if the second photo is printed by special equipment at point of issue.

  4. john heckledon says:

    New license? Change the law not to allow people from the middle east to enter the country and build cells. I feel much safer now that these hard working illegals can’t drive anymore but give licenses to those terrorists.

  5. tn says:

    DMV should install a microchip on each card that police and government officials can electronically access when I.D.’ing someone they’ve pulled over. Questions would be easy ones that all US citizens should know; if the suspect can’t answer any of the questions, they go to a holding cell until further verification. The cop would access the chip and a random audio question would come up like “Who’s the 1st president of the US?” or “Who’s face is on the $5 bill?” or “What does D.C. stand for in Washington?” or “When was the War of 1812?” Problem is, the officer might not know the answers either. Coming soon: DMV surcharge fee, rather “U.S. Citizenship Protection Fee” right under the “VLF” charge…

  6. Michael Heavrin says:

    Paid my $31.00 in October for my new license, Middle of March, and it still hasn’t arrived.

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