OAKLAND (KCBS) – Waning support for a hefty parcel tax meant to fund dozens of police jobs has the Oakland Police Officers’ Association campaigning for two alternative ballot measures.

Measure X, the $360 parcel tax on the ballot, would restore the 80 positions eliminated from the Oakland Police Department over the summer and prevent another 100 layoffs expected in January.

“We’re going to lose a lot of officers potentially,” said Oakland Police Officers’ Association President Dom Arotzarena. “When we lose officers and we’re not safe, then how are the citizens going to be safe.”

But with polls showing Measure X losing by a fairly wide margin, the union is throwing its support behind Measure W and Measure BB.

Measure W is a phone tax that would generate $8 million a year to be put towards public safety. Measure BB would lift the restrictions from minimal staffing levels and pave the way for the return of 63 community police officers to the force.

But neither would restore the jobs that were lost during the summer; only Measure X would do that.

Because of this, supporters of the parcel tax, like Oakland City Councilman Larry Reid, said they are not giving up hope.

“We’re saying a lot of prayers, keeping our fingers crossed and hope that voters will read the ballot initiative and give it some consideration,” he said.

Reid represents East Oakland and said many of his constituents still support Measure X, even though they don’t want to pay the parcel tax.

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  1. apathetic says:

    What good does it do you if the majority of the citizens don’t care about saving their community? When I lived in East Oakland, I was the only person on my block to report anything. Cars were constantly stolen or stripped and left on the corner. Houses would get broken into constantly. A drug dealer would regularly sell on the corner. Did anyone report this? No. All because you’re not supposed to snitch-but what happens when the person they’ve robbed is you or a relative, are you still going to keep your mouth shut? Even though if the same incident happened to the house 3 doors down and you saw the whole thing occur, you wouldn’t say a word. Nothing is going to affect the crime rate in Oakland-even if they added 500 additional units to the OPD. The residents of Oakland have to start caring. Its a disgusting cycle and all its being handed down to the new generations.

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