SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi projected an air of supreme confidence as she campaigned in San Francisco Wednesday, refusing to entertain even the possibility that she could lose her speakership on November 2.

Most political experts think the Republicans are poised to regain control of the House of Representatives, but the San Francisco Democrat has not given up hope that her party can confound the pundits.

“I would rather be in our position than the Republicans’ position,” she said during a campaign stop at the McRoskey Mattress Company’s factory on Potrero Hill.

Pelosi praised the company’s 111 year, made-in-America history.

“We wish more people would stay here and make it in America and keep jobs here, not send them overseas,” she said.

Jobs and the slow economic recovery have dominated the campaign season. Republicans have tried to cast Democratic accomplishments such as the health care law as imposing onerous requirements on the small businesses responsible for most job creation.

Pelosi lashed out at corporate-backed groups running ads on behalf of Republicans, accusing them of accepting financing from overseas that gives “new meaning to the term ‘Buy American.’

“They want to buy the country. Special interest, corporate money wants to buy America,” she said.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has denied accepting foreign money for domestic campaigns.

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  1. TD says:

    Just another sign of supreme ignorance and arrogance. Go home Nancy and let people that listen to the people man the ship. You have done enough to start the sinking of of our GREAT country.

  2. Nancy says:

    What is this woman smoking? Why can’t she just accept the fact that Democrats ARE the creatures from the swamp she was suppose to drain. As usual, We the People have to do her job.

  3. bill says:

    Such a vile woman. Vote and get her out of our lives.

  4. walksalone says:

    YES I CAN – Force healthcare down America’s throat that 76 % opposed
    YES I CAN – Create the largest DEFICIT ever
    YES I CAN – Create the largest BUDGET ever
    YES I CAN – Make the largest number of BROKEN PROMISES ever
    YES I CAN – Enable the largest number of HOME FORCLOSURES ever
    YES I CAN – Create the largest number of AGENDA-SETTING FAILURES ever
    YES I CAN – Make the largest number of SELF-SERVING SPEECHES ever
    YES I CAN – Have a tax cheat for Secretary of Treasury
    YES I CAN – Create less FREE SPEECH
    YES I CAN – Fail to PROTECT the American people
    YES I CAN – Think what is best for everyone
    YES I CAN – Run & Ruin YOUR life
    YES I CAN – Spend YOUR TAX DOLLARS on failed programs
    YES I CAN – Create more WELFARE
    YES I CAN – Create more regulation
    YES I CAN – Increase the size of government
    YES I CAN – Create more wasteful spending
    YES I CAN – Take in more ILLEGAL ALIENS
    YES I CAN – Defend ILLEGAL ALIENS against the Constitution of America
    YES I CAN – Make a lawsuit against our own state of Arizona for defending itself from ILLEGAL ALIENS
    YES I CAN – Take over the economy
    YES I CAN – Bankrupt the USA
    YES I CAN – Keep borrowing money we can’t pay back the to the communist Chinese
    YES I CAN – Bow to other world leaders like a TRAINED FLEA
    YES I CAN – Decry racism when an Arizona Governor enforces immigration laws
    YES I CAN – Attempt to fill my cabinet with avowed Communist like Van Jones
    YES I CAN – Turn the highest office of the land into a laughingstock of the world
    YES I CAN – Sit on my PEElosi while millions of gallons of oil leak into the gulf
    YES I CAN – Claim to run an office with transparency, yet keep making deals behind closed doors
    YES I CAN – Give speeches with NO American flag in the background (see youtube )
    YES I CAN – Give a great speech until the TELEPROMPTER goes down….
    YES I CAN – Divide the USA like never seen since the Civil war
    YES I CAN – Keep my main agenda to turn the USA into a SOCIALIST FAILURE
    YES I CAN – Blame anything that goes wrong on my watch on the last administration
    YES I CAN – Promise to end programs of entitlements, yet add more and more of them
    YES I CAN – Appoint a known TAX EVADER to head the U.S. Treasury Department
    YES I CAN – Continuously create more DEBT
    YES I CAN – Create more TAXES
    YES I CAN – Have the fastest DIVE IN POPULARITY ever for a President

  5. john says:

    Pelosi and Obama are the most incompetent leaders in our nations history. They have no business sense and must be removed before anymore damage is done to our nation.

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