SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — There’s a lot of yap online, most of it negative, about the new Gap Inc. logo that the chain quietly slipped onto its website this week. But the clothing seller still plans to put the new logo—less blue, more white, black text—into stores and onto its advertising next month.

Spokeswoman Louise Callagy said the Gap will unveil plans within weeks to have fans help with the new logo. It’s not clear if that means they could design a new one or make changes to the latest version.

The Gap is asking Facebook fans for their ideas. Respondents there and on Twitter much prefer the old logo—a blue box with white text in capital letters.

Experts say companies unveiling new logos should tell consumers what to expect before putting them in use.

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  1. uu says:

    that new logo is so cheap i can literally open up photoshop, spend 5 mins to drag blue square gradient and type out the word “G A P” and then call it a day. Bet they probably spent millions of dollars for some agency to do that lol!

  2. NRA Life Member says:


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