SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – Before you log on to make your health care choices this year, beware of some big changes to flex spending accounts.  They are a part of the new health care reform law.

Employees can put part of their pay into tax free accounts – called Flex Spending Accounts or FSA’s – which are then used to reimburse out of pocket medical expenses.

Starting January first, over-the-counter drugs won’t be reimbursed from your flex spending unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

Things like bandages, glasses and contact lens solution do apply.  For a full list of  eligible items, see

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Comments (4)
  1. bill says:

    This must have been in the section where they ” had to pass it” to read what was in it. Thank you Obama care.

  2. commonman says:

    And this is suppose to help the working class families… It just mean we will have to pay more out of pocket expenses, either through doctors visits which requires a co-pay or buying medicines and not being reimbursed. Another win for the public assistance parasites.

  3. jon says:

    Visit to view California health services employers who are hiring accountants, marketers, administrators, nurses and other biotech and hospital jobs.

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