Brown Rips Whitman’s Plan To Cut Capital Gains Tax

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown is calling on his Republican rival to reveal how much she would personally gain from her proposal to eliminate the state capital gains tax.

At a news conference Thursday, Brown estimated eliminating the tax would cost California $5 billion and result in more cuts for public schools.

He also estimated that Meg Whitman, a billionaire, would personally save at least $15 million. Brown says he calculated that figure from the $142 million in personal funding Whitman has pumped into her campaign.

Whitman has acknowledged she would save money as an investor by eliminating the tax, but has declined to say how much.

Her spokeswoman, Andrea Jones-Rivera, said the tax cut would allow businesses to create more jobs.

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  • Dennis Kimball

    Let’s put this into perspective. If someone worth 1 million dollars wanted to be Governor, and they wanted to kill the Capital Gains tax, they would make $10,000? Hardly worth getting excited over considering the salary of being the Governor of California. So I highly doubt Meg’s intentions here are for personal gain, even though 15 million sounds like a lot to us. It is peanuts to her, and it is not her intention, so it is silly of Brown to say this, unless he thinks the people hearing this won’t realize it.

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