Schwarzenegger Honors Fallen Firefighters At Sacramento Ceremony

SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – Governor Schwarzenegger is getting reflective as his seven-year run as California’s leader comes to an end. He thanked firefighters who sacrificed their lives on his watch at a memorial ceremony Saturday in Sacramento.

KCBS’ Janice Wright Reports:

Schwarzenegger said he rushed back from a trade mission in Europe to be at the annual event, where 31 fallen heroes who died this past year were honored.

“Some of my most vivid memories are from some of California’s darkest days. I remember getting a phone call at six in the morning that we had 2,012 fires in the state,” recalled Schwarzenegger.

The outgoing leader continued to say, “At times it felt like the entire state was on fire,” and that those firefighter’s names are engraved in limestone so that their sacrifice is never forgotten.

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  • Patricia Hinman

    I will no longer be watching the morning news. John Kessler made the whole show. I will be watching Channel 2 in the future. Your station is run by a bunch of idiots

  • Katy

    Where is John Kessler, I always watched channel 7 then started to tune it to you guys a few years ago. Love that John Kessler! The show has really lost my interest so back to channel 7!

  • Anne

    The first thing I would do before I got out of bed was turn on CBS News to watch John Kessler, how could you ruin my mornings, without John you’ve lost a loyal fan. I have now started watching Channel 2!!!!!!!

  • Anita

    As soon as I saw that John Kessler was gone, I switched to Morning Joe on MSNBC.. He was the reason I watched the morning news.
    Now, who is that woman with Sydney?

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