SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown reiterated his support for undocumented college students at California’s public universities, suggesting at a news conference in San Francisco Monday that Republican rival Meg Whitman wants them to work in “subordinate positions.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Whitman went after Brown this past weekend, attacking Brown’s recent statements a rally that California is wealthy enough to support public university for undocumented students.

“News flash to Jerry Brown: We do not have unlimited resources,” Whitman told reporters. “We are in a budget crisis. We are going to have to make some very tough tradeoffs and [university] slots are being cut for citizens. And the fact that he wants to put undocumented … immigrants ahead of the taxpayers of California, I just think is wrong.”

She added, “Either he doesn’t recognize that we are in a budget crisis or he’s pandering for votes. I bet he’s pandering for votes.”

In a response at his news conference, Brown, the state’s current attorney general, said: “They’re here and she doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Now, I think a kid who is going to school and has done well and can refine their skills … that man or woman can make major contributions to our whole society. And if we’re going to compete in the world, if we’re going to produce the kind of prosperity we want, then we want every person to be able to learn and develop their skills to the maximum degree.”

Brown continued, “And if Ms. Whitman’s position is that she wants certain people in our society – even if they have lived here for 10 or 15 years, going to school and have A’s and B’s – if she wants them in a subordinate position, then I think she ought to say that. I can’t believe Meg Whitman would say to these peole ‘we don’t want you to be skilled. We don’t want you in college. We want you doing the more menial types of activties. Even though you’ve shown yourself ready for the highest professions.”

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Comments (7)
  1. JoMama says:

    He’s the attorney general and he doesn’t know the definition of illegal. I can’t believe people actually vote for him.

  2. ABC says:

    i think your an illegal.

  3. AT says:

    The dumas needs the latino and public union votes! Grab your ankles, no vasaline will be applied!

  4. Karen says:

    Obviously Brown doesn’t grasp that any service to any illegal comes out of taxpayer’s pockets..there are fine universitys in every county…return home and go to school in one’s own country….out with Brown,

  5. honestly says:

    Lets see….
    If I was a California based company and I had the option of hiring from any college in the United states as well as from overseas. What incentive do I have to hire from a California institution.

    Also am I surprised to find 4 of the bottom 5 public education ranked states are all border states with Mexico? In 2005 California was 46. Nevada 47, New Mexico 48 and Arizona ranked 50th.

    Unless we play hard ball all our children will be uneducated, dope smoking gang members.

    1. honestly says:

      And you probably can guess my children go to private school at tremendous “after tax” cost to me.
      The California public school system has become nothing more then “day care” with emphasis on sexual misconduct and the rewriting of American History.

  6. Donna says:

    After this remark I intent to vote for Meg Whitman. I am a long time democrate and I will not support someone who refuses to follow the laws of the land. My grandchildren are struggling to pay for college and you make a mockery of the struggle they go thru. A great big shame on you. I will share this statement with all the grandparents I know abd just hope I can convince them to vote for the one who knows what illegal means

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