SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The Federal Aviation Administration says a United Airlines jet that appears to buzz the Golden Gate Bridge on videos circulating on the Internet posed no danger to the span.

FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer says the agency has received no complaints about the 747-400 flyovers performed Oct. 9 and 10 as part of San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week.

In the videos, the jet makes a wide turn before flying low over the bridge.

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Kenitzer blamed the angle at which videos were shot for making it appear closer than it actually was. He says there were flight restrictions in the area and an air traffic controller was directing the plane’s altitude.

A United spokeswoman says the flyovers were part of a well-publicized air show and done with the public’s safety in mind.

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Comments (5)
  1. Victoria says:

    It was awesome to see in person…and did not appear to get dangerously close to the bridge.

  2. SF Gal says:

    i agree with Dana! It DID fly over the bridge the FIRST time, but not on the second fly-by.

  3. Dexter Keehn says:

    Dear CBS5,
    I have a comment unrelated to the above story. I watch the early morning program and enjoy the crew. I have been missing my favorite person – John Kessler. Where is he. Hope not gone. I especially enjoy his dry humor when working with Sidne Kohara and the rest of the crew. Would you please write back and let me know is status. thanks

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