Study Finds Most California 2-Year College Students Never Finish

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A new study finds that most students seeking degrees at California’s community colleges never get them.

The report says 70 percent of degree-seeking students who entered community college in the 2003-2004 school year didn’t graduate or transfer to four-year universities within six years.

Only 26 percent of black students and 26 percent of Latinos completed a degree or certificate program or transferred to a four-year school. The rate was 37 percent for white students.

The report titled “Divided We Fail” was released by the Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy at California State University, Sacramento and 15 other organizations.

The authors call for a better system to track student progress that could help campuses boost completion and transfer rates.

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  • Morena

    I am not surprised! Too bad that the only affordable education does not translate into success.

  • jimbe

    The problems is school is just too expensive and most most end up in debt if they graduated at all.

  • Cyrus

    being in a community college allows students to have more time to work, and later they end up going to work instead of school.

  • Kris R.

    The schools’ are not trying to transfer students. De Anza for example is a “black hole” designed to keep you there as long as possible. In fact, I was told several times the wrong info to transfer by official school Counselors, which cost me YEARS in purgatory. I finally transferred out when I got a scholarship to NDNU in Belmont.

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