SACRAMENTO (AP) — Democrat Jerry Brown spent more money during the first two weeks of October than he has in his entire campaign for governor, but his billionaire rival still outspent him, according to campaign reports filed Thursday.

Brown spent $14.6 million to start the month, most of it on radio and television commercials. The spending spree came after a summer during which he had sought to conserve his cash.

It brings his total spending for the entire campaign so far to $25.5 million and leaves him with about $11.6 million left to spend until the Nov. 2 election.

Whitman reported spending $22.8 million for the same two-week period, bringing her total spending up to more than $162 million. That includes $142 million from her personal fortune.

Fundraising has been a question for the Brown campaign because the state attorney general faces a candidate who has a nearly bottomless bank account. Whitman’s report showed that she had about $12.6 million left in her campaign account, although the former chief executive of eBay could write herself more checks.

Brown campaign manager Steve Glazer told reporters Wednesday that the Democrat has enough money for the race’s final days.

“We expect to be able to match the Whitman campaign in both TV and radio,” Glazer said. “We saved about $12 million for the final 13 days. We believe we’ll be more than competitive.”

Brown, who is popular in Democratic-leaning Hollywood, continued to collect contributions from famous names, including $25,900 from actor Warren Beatty; $25,000 from filmmaker George Lucas; $13,800 from DreamWorks movie studio found Steven Spielberg; $12,500 from Alan Horn, the president of Warner Brothers; $10,000 from Robert Iger, president of the Walt Disney Co.; and $5,000 from actress Sally Field.

He also collected $25,900 checks from Google Inc., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and New York Giants chairman Steve Tisch. Architect Frank Gehry gave him $5,000.

Brown is still raising money. On the day he filed his campaign report, he sent e-mails to supporters asking them to contribute $12 to mark the 12 days left in the race. He has raised a total of $37 million since forming an exploratory committee last year.

Brown, who was governor from 1975 to 1983, also has benefited from more than $21.9 million in spending by unions on his behalf, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

Whitman took in more than $260,000 of her donations in this period from out of state.

In addition to large contributions from bankers, insurance companies and American Indian tribes, Whitman got $25,900 from William Fry of Fry’s Electronics, $25,900 from Google, $25,000 from Disney Worldwide Services, an affiliate of Disney Inc., where Whitman was once an executive, and $25,000 from NASCAR CEO Brian France. Whitman was recently the grand master at a NASCAR race in Fontana.

She also received $1,000 from the Procter & Gamble Good Government Committee—another former Whitman employer.

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Comments (10)
  1. wfraser says:

    To CBS NEWS, people
    badly enough without
    your news spreading
    the two people WHO
    GOVERNER spend MILL-
    purchase the seat.

  2. WFraser says:

    To CBS NEWS there are people and children very hungry in this state and all the media does is broadcast how much money in million that Brown and Whitman have spend to purchase their seat, when they shouldn’t even run for the position. So feel proud CBS of the knowledge of how your media is making people without jobs, homes or food feel. Now for some positive news, the sky is blue, and California is a beautiful state, now for an update, California people need a person to step up to the plate and become Governer, who doesn’t spend millions of dollars doing so. Its really sad that no one person can make the news companies feel badly.

  3. Me says:

    Thread water with Brown or drown with Whitman. Who do you think we should choose?

    1. td says:

      Someone with the courage to step up.. Gee what has Brown done? OH Yeah another career politician wiith out a succesful record ever..
      What a shame.. this guy has not been termed out of politics.. Grumpy OLD man..

  4. Robert Ruiz says:

    We need to take money from the greedy rich folks at big businesses and give all of it to the hungry kids and families who come here from mexico looking for better opportunity. We mexicans work hard to honor hour family and represent our culture. Give us a latino governor

    1. td says:

      Come here legally!! Like my grandfather did. Pay your taxes.. Learn the American culture., contribute to the country and your community and you are welciome with open arms.. Just like every other ethnic or religious group that immigrated in the past and has become AMERICAN citzens.. Play by the rules and stand up be counted.

  5. Originalist says:

    Jerry Brown has failed at every positon he ever got elected to in the past!

    Why should this time be any different

    1. Billy says:

      The CA governor only make $173,987/year. How will the “businesswoman” make her money back plus….interest…. in the 4 year term????? Not from the poor like me…

      1. td says:

        Yeah and it is HERE money and few grand from a few straight up supporters..
        What about Brown, where did his money come from? Special Interest Groups that don’t want change.. Can you say slippery politician??

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