Fremont Officer Shot During Arrest Attempt Out Of Hospital

FREMONT (AP) — A Fremont police officer who was shot while trying to arrest a suspected gang member is back home after spending seven weeks in a hospital.

A police spokesman told the San Francisco Chronicle that Todd Young was released from the hospital Monday after undergoing eight operations. Police say the 39-year-old Young was shot twice in the pelvis while trying to arrest Andrew Barrientos on Aug. 27 in East Oakland.

The 20-year-old Barrientos is being held without bail after being charged with attempted murder.

Barrientos has told investigators that he didn’t know Young, who in plainclothes when he was shot, was a police officer.

But authorities say Young identified himself before he was shot.

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  • bubba

    Kill these gang bangers

  • american

    god bless our police and troops

  • american

    the piece of garbage did not know that he was shooting the officer. it’s a very good reason to set him free.

  • frisco


  • Moniee

    the prick is outta the hospital but the boy is still in jail? no wonder ppl hate the police… injustice!

  • George

    cops camouflage and hide at street corners to entrap drivers in a hurry with speed limit tickets, most of these victims are regular folks like you and me. Its about time they meet one of their own kind…who dish out similar injustice just like them

    • Brennan

      You sir are a complete idiot…..there is NO comparison here. Remember your stupid comment the next time you NEED A COP and make SURE you repeat your “comment” to the officer when you accept his help!!!

    • td

      WOW!! Are you really saying this? How about this GANG BANGER live next door to you and your family? Unless you are one too!! If he would shoot a police officer are you safe? What a looser!!

  • baba

    we need more police on the street to clean up this ;;;;gang sheet……..

  • Tim

    George, you don’t have the mental capacity to understand life. Please stay at home, forever.

  • austin roberts

    what about oscar grant, bet none of ya care, huh!

    • Nick n time

      No we don’t care about that stinking loser….he was wiped out before he could kill someone…..he deserved it……..ALL the gang weenie cowards need to be wiped out….they are garbage..they all need to be disposed of…..ALL of them

    • td

      Shouldn’t have been there and put himself in a bad place causing trouble and it would not have happened. Becusae a cop makes a SERIOUS mistake it is ok to to attempt to murder all cops.. You are sick.. This cop is paying the price for the rest of his life and was judged by his piers and went through the court system and has yet to be sentenced.
      This poor officer was doing his job and almost pays the ultimate price doing his job!!

  • Brad Henschel, JD

    Sorry folks but this violence will continue until drug prohibition is ended and drugs are made available at the doctors office AND the feds back off of doctors for prescribing drugs. You all may not know but Doctors, Nurses, and lawyers have huge percentages of drug addicts amongst their numbers at least 25%.
    This is exactly what happened with alcohol prohibition. We didn’t learn from the past so we get to repeat those costly mistakes once more to reinforce our moralistic approach the few humans can attain. Meanwhile we and our families are in grave danger and the terrorist prevail.
    Europe made drugs a medical problem and all the problems of violence went away. Of course the justice system profits from the drug prohibition so they won’t give it up easily. -bh

    • td

      Drugs have nothing to do with MORAL behavior. It is your choice to live a clean life or not.. Don’t play the BLAME game…
      Yeah like there is no crime or violence in Europe.. You must be using those prescriptions drugs too!!

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