California High Speed Rail Project Getting More Federal Funds

WASHINGTON (AP) – Federal lawmakers say the state of California is getting another $902 million in federal funding to advance the design and construction of a high-speed rail system initially running from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The funding announcement is being made in the days leading up to a high-stakes election featuring Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina. One of the key battlegrounds in that race is the Central Valley, where the vast majority of the new funding is going.

California voters approved nearly $10 billion in bonds for high-speed rail in 2008.

Boxer said high-speed rail would help boost the economy and reduce congestion and air pollution.

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  • kent

    I Can’t Even Drink My Coffee On The Way To Work Without Hitting A Big Hole Or Bump In The Highway And Wearing A Gulp Or Two. We Sure Don’t Need A Novelty Train That Six Or Seven People Will Take To Los Angeles Every Day.Then Still Have To Figure Out How To Get To Where They Are Going Via Some Other Public Transit From The Only Stop. Lets Get Our Highways And Local Infrastructure In Place And Working, Then If We Are Liquid Enough Build This Thing. What A Waste Of Money.

    • kent2

      go copulate with a corpse

  • BoB Lime

    @kent(2) -You are copulating with yourself and yes, you’re the corpse you idiot.

  • Lynette

    BART, AC Transit, and MUNI would be better places for this money — serving the people who are going to work or school every day!

  • SJtoSacto

    This money for high speed rail would be great for a San Jose to Sacramento train; LA to San Diego train; and Ventura to LA train.

    At least with 3 shorter lines ridership will be high. I don’t see Bakersfield to Sacramento generating the interests to bring about a thousand plus riders per week.

  • bigtuna

    This would be good in the long run. Maybe after we fix all our freeways and get ready for the next big earthquake we should build it. I would like a quick route to LA from the South Bay Area.

  • Loreo

    I think this is a great idea. Infrastructure like this is not only to show the progres of state but for the people who will be working in this project. California is one of the highest unemployment rate right now and we need these kind of project for people can work on, specially those blue collar job.

  • StanW-California

    Complete waste of good money! We need many other things fixed before building “a train to no where”. High speed??? Maybe between the stops, over all travel time will be boringly long. Won’t attract enough riders to ever work!

  • Fish for Lunch

    How can we stop this thing form happening! Is it too late???? Surely we can stop this somehow. Worse idea ever.

  • Carmel Candy

    We can transport all the illigals to San Jose for free.

  • Richard P

    An excellent idea. Too bad it’s coming 20 years too late.

    You only have to look at Europe and Asia to see what a success this has been. I’m looking forward to seeing this project completed.

  • Sundiii

    No one will use high speed trains unless we CONNECT them to 100-story TOWER cities connected to the mag-lev TRAINS. Don’t let people touch the earth for 5-10 years.

  • Mo

    Do you know how to go about purchasing these bonds?

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