We asked KPIX 5’s Jefferson Awards reporters Elizabeth Cook and Sharon Chin to share what it’s like to tell the stories of Bay Area heroes.

Elizabeth Cook:
“So often, as journalists, we cover the worst in humanity. The Jefferson Awards is about honoring the very best. These quiet heroes often go unrecognized, but their incredible contributions are making our community a better place. It’s an honor to meet these inspiring men and women. I hope their stories inspire others to give back and make a difference through volunteerism and public service. .”
Read Elizabeth’s bio

Sharon Chin:
“Having reported countless stories of crime and corruption, covering Jefferson Awards winners is a breath of fresh air. It is an honor to help recognize those in our community who are making a difference. They are role models for us and our children. One by one, they’re making this world a better place. And at the end of the day, it feels good not only to hear their stories firsthand, but to share them so they may inspire others.”
Read Sharon’s bio

Comments (2)
  1. diana serrano says:

    Hello my name is Diana Serrano I an currently attending los altos high school. And for history I have a project where my mane focus is going to be on immigration I would like to hear different point of views to put into my project. So what I want to do if you accept is interview you ask you a few questions. I would like to have you be a part of my project so I can show it to my class. And if its possible to interview you can it be sometime between November 19- 28. I hope you accept. And I am hopefully looking forward to working with you. thank you so much for your time.

  2. George Buxmann says:

    Dear Sharon,

    You gave the Jefferson Award to Nancy at the Timpany Center, but I don’t see it on your web site. Is there a reason why her story isn’t being shown for the great work she hs done to help the facility open again? I think she deserves the same exposure as the others thtat have been given the Jefferson Award. Do you think you can get her story put on your web site, which was shown on the air back in March?

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