STOCKTON (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman told a television host that her former housekeeper, an illegal immigrant, should be deported, but then stepped away from the comment during a campaign stop Thursday.

Appearing on the Greta Van Susteren show on Fox News Wednesday night, Whitman said her former Mexican housekeeper of nine years, Nicky Diaz Santillan, should be deported for forging documents and lying about her immigration status.

“It breaks my heart, but she should be deported because she forged documents and she lied about her immigration status,” Whitman said.

“The law’s the law and we live in a rule of law, it’s important.”

When asked about the comment during a campaign stop in Stockton on Thursday, Whitman returned to her previous stance, saying the decision is up to federal authorities.

“She is here illegally. She’s breaking the law right now, so we’ll leave it for the federal authorities,” Whitman said.

Whitman says she fired Diaz Santillan in June 2009 after learning she was working illegally.

Diaz Santillan upended the governor’s race when she appeared at a news conference last month with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, saying that Whitman and her husband, Griffith Harsh IV, should have known that she was illegal.

Whitman said Diaz Santillan used a fraudulently obtained Social Security card and California driver’s license when she applied for the job through an employment agency.

Diaz Santillan’s immigration attorney, Mark Van Der Hout, did not immediately return a message left at his San Francisco office Thursday.

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Comments (33)
  1. lesserof2evils? says:

    I hope they (Gloria and “team”) compensate Nicky for having her be the poster child for Jerry Brown.

    I wouldn’t want my crying face plastered all over the place without some kind of compensation..but then again, Gloria was using her so maybe she just got dropped off at a bus station and given a token gift for her help in bashing Meg

    The whole thing is just ridiculous – a friggin media circus

    1. JuanBueno says:

      I wish the media was not bias, we can see how hard they are trying to put democrats and whoever they want in power. What a shame!!

      1. Jason says:

        @JuanBueno You couldn’t be more wrong. Meg is putting Brown into power all by herself bud. And she’s doing a great job at it my friend.

  2. sf progressive says:

    Why don’t we revoke Meg’s citizenship (since she doesn’t vote) and deport her. Meg is someone who hasn’t done an honest day of work in her life.

    1. Darryn says:

      I agree. Some people totally take for granted the one thing that is good about America – we are all immigrants! Just because you were born here, doesn’t mean you have the authority to boot ANYONE ELSE OUT YOU hypocrite.

      1. WeAreSC says:

        uhhh…darryn. do you know the difference between legal and illegal?

        but your response must sure make you feel good.

      2. Merv says:

        Darryn, You should very uneducated and possibly illegal yourself. Let me educate you. This country is founded on LAWS and that is for a reason. I was born here, my parents were born here and so were my grandparents. ALL of us have LEGAL birth certificates, LEGAL SS, LEGAL Driver license and LEGAL jobs. We vote and pay taxes. We are TRUE Americans and for you to say that anyone just come here and take advantage and break the laws is anti-american. You are offensive to hardworking americans.

    2. sf says:

      What does revoking someone’s citizenship have to do with not voting? I am not registered to vote and my family has been here since 1914.

  3. Darryn says:

    OMG – Meg Whitman is a crazy lunatic – she doesn’t vote, and she wants someone who worked her ass off for her family to be deported. THE REAL PROBLEM HERE IS THAT MEG WHITMAN is so above the law with her billions of dollars that she thinks she can’t be touched.

    DO NOT VOTE FOR HER! WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER VOTED BEFORE? Jerry Brown is not much better, but at least he seems more in tune with what he actually plans on doing with the state money. for my blog on civil rights.

    1. td says:

      First, How do you know she worked her Butt off? You don’t know that..
      Yes, deport her and ALL of the ILLEGAL immigrants.. What part of illegal don’t you and all the other bleeding hearts don’t understand about breaking the law.?
      OMG You are so brain washed you make me ill!!

  4. gan says:

    CBS is again censoring their posts,

  5. petee says:

    she should have gave some money to the sick economy money cant buy love.

  6. Roxan says:

    For anybody supporting illegal aliens, what part of Illegal was NOT understood?

    Mexico enforces its immigration laws and is securing its border. It’s building a border with Guatamala now. And what about their Train of Death (according to Allen Wall)?

    Furthermore, the planet’s nations’ borders are being erased and set up in blocs for easier global government control for the NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) aka 1-WORLD ORDER. The E.U. (European Union) was first and we’re next with the NAU (NORTH AMERICAN UNION) to merge: Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico together.

    The SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership closely mirrors this plan.

    And of course once implemented, there will be the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY.

    That’s why nothing is being done by (EITHER PARTY) to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws.

    In a heartbeat, these illegals would self deport if ALL employers were forced to use E-VERIFY and harshly penalize all employers, (including Meg Whitman).

    And ALL services would be cut off immediatlely. No more FREE births, WIC, food stamps, housing, lawyer services, language services and FREE school (including FREE breakfasts-lunches) and end the DREAM ACT wherever it exists now.

    Furthermore, the 14th AMENDMENT must be revised. It was meant for freed slaves, NOT “automatic citizenship” for those born to illegal aliens.

    1. Jason says:

      @Roxan Take your meds and think before you speak.

      1. td says:

        Jason You must smoking Prop 19 too! You are a JOKE and a shame to Americans.

  7. td says:

    Meg should be deported or imprisoned because she broke the law by knowingly employing an illegal immigrant. After all the law’s the law and we live in a rule of law, it’s important!

  8. sam westley says:

    Ha Ha $162 million of the wealth you created laying off employees and you got caught lying about your housekeepers immigration status and a couple of days til election and you’re 10 points behind moonbeam!

    too bad pig whitman california rejects both you and fiorina cat chow you’re toast!

  9. Philip says:

    I love the way Gloria Allred set the trap for MegaBucks Whitman and MegaBucks lied her way right in. MegaBucks played stupid, saying she knew nothing about her maid being illegal, after 9 years. Right. Then Gloria produced the letter from Social Security with MegaBuck’s husband’s handwriting on it. MegaBucks was caught in a direct lie.

    Almost as sweet was how MegaBucks fired Nicky. MegaBucks told her, “I’ve never seen you and you’ve never seen me.” Nice way to treat someone who has cleaned your toilet for 9 years.

    MegaBucks Whitman is only interested in her self and her selfish self.

  10. Accord says:

    But then what reasonable person (and I do mean reasonable) would vote for Meg Whitman anyway?

  11. DerailAmnestydotcom says:

    Meg wants her former maid deported? So? Every decent American wants w/ reasonable sense of values wants illegal alien criminals like Nicky Diaz deported. Illegal immigration is ruining this state and costing us billions.

  12. ppauld23 says:

    stealing someone identity is a federal crime?

  13. cindy says:

    CBS hired union goons to post on their site, CBS is a one sided bias piece of liberal cr ap media outlet. nothing but lies, half truths spoken by employees of CBS.

    They censor or refuse to post half the pro Meg posts.

    CBS should be investigated

  14. susan says:

    I hope after Meg wins, they prosecute Nickey so i can see her cry real tears. , Gloria will have nothing to do with her, Brown will be enjoying his pension, Nicke will be left to fend for herself when the fed go after her

  15. Lee White says:

    MEGalomaniac has some serious psychological issues. Anyone who would spend that much money on a political campaign is just palin, uh, I mean plain narcissistic to the core. Hey, I’m not real crazy about the illegals myself, but if Republicans like Meg weren’t hiring them right and left becaue they work cheap and generally don’t complain much, the illegals wouldn’t be here. I say, get them on the tax rolls as part of a guest worker program. These people don’t care about citizenship. As long as they can travel freely between the U.S. and Mexico to visit family, they’re happy.

  16. Gregory Broyles says:

    megs going down for allot of reasons. She should have offered ten bucks per vote, that way she would have spent about the same and maybe even won. Hope she goes and jumps off a cliff shamed for being such a Big Fool

  17. Debbie Sue says:

    Seriously? How did she retract? It’s not like she can personally deport the ex-maid. It is up to the authorities to do so. Seems like all she did was confirm (not retract) her statement.

  18. Debbie Sue says:

    Let’s see her, she (Meg) is being villianized for being the victim of a crime committed by The housekeeper. The housekeeper maid made $6 an hour more than I do at my part-time job and I have a degree. Nikki’s sister received 7 years of SS benefits since it was her SS# Nikki used. Meg is using her own money and not unions or special interest groups money to fund her campaign so she doesn’t ‘owe’ people anything. Yet she is the one people talk nasty about and villianize? Wow, I am truly scared for our society.
    And Darryn go back and check your facts. She has voted. Just not consistently. Have you voted in EVERY election?
    Gregory did your mother teach you anything? How childess are you hoping someone kills themselves?

  19. Richard says:

    Meg is an absolute, self-serving dirt bag and the sooner she is vanquished
    and we don’t have to hear her name anymore, the better.

  20. Victor says:

    I am not buying any of Meg Whitman’s excuses. Bash me if you can, supporters of Meg Whitman, because you should know that Jerry Brown is right about Whitman “having a loose relationship with the truth” in one of his ads. And Meg Whitman, if you are reading this, I want YOU to stick to being a businesswoman.

    1. Victor says:

      By the way, If Meg Whitman wants to be governor of California, why did she keep dodging the press?

  21. Miles says:

    How in the world does this illegal have an attorney?? How is she paying her?? Let me guess…the goos American people. Deport her NOW and fire that media hound Gloria Allred. Illegals have no business here. Government DO something now or the good American people will.

  22. Lou says:

    HELLO!! Meg got this illegal from an agency. She did NOT get her off the streets. Everyone needs to back off of Meg. I am not a fan of her’s but this should have nothing to do with her campaign. All employeers are allowed to fire people and especially if you find out they are illegal. The agency that was responsible for verifying legal status should be the target of the leach Glory Alldred. Deport the illegal ASAP and go after the agency. Leave Meg W out of it. That illegal was lucky she was here for so long manipulating the system. She really should be put in a Mexico prison and locked up for life.

  23. Mama Yo says:

    Answer me this…

    Pete Wilson had an illegal employee who he fired just beore he decided to run for Governor, and said how he never knew…

    Meg WHitman has a longterm illegal employee who she fires just before she decides to make a run for Governor.

    This generatopn of GOP politicans are really dragging down the integrity of the Republican Party. No wonder people are defecting to the dark side… or even independents.

    Seriously – she is No Integrity Meg. The party should have done better than play the Pete Wilson tagalong game.

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