Building Sign Reads ‘F*** Meg Whitman And Carly Fiorina’

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — In an already nasty election year, outspoken San Francisco defense attorney Tony Serra has unfurled a huge banner in front of his building near busy and tourist-heavy Broadway and Kearny streets in North Beach, stating “F*** Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.”

Serra told CBS 5 he was upset at the amount of money being spent by the wealthy Republican candidates in their efforts to get elected California governor and U.S. Senator.

“To utterly condemn someone, that’s what the “F” word means to me, and that’s the way it’s intended, but I think they’re a threat to democracy itself. Capitalism cannot buy public office,” Serra said in an interview.

He maintained posting the sign on the building he owns that also houses the popular Enrico’s restaurant is “a first amendment prerogative.”

Whitman responded by calling it “a very personal attack.”

“What have I been called in this race. I’ve been called a liar, a Nazi and a whore. And I have run a campaign on the issues,” she told CBS 5.

Fiorina campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said that “Carly respects differences of opinion expressed respectfully, but this (sign) is extremely offensive.”

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  • Vadim

    He said what we all think, Thank You Mr. Serra.

    • jim


      • Stogie

        Did you forget your thorazine again, jim?

      • 02144pomroy

        Jim, I hope the assylem has an APB out on you! You’re not safe to be around anyone!

      • paganbaby444

        Put down the meth and step away from the keyboard.

    • lR

      about as intelligently eloquent as a Democrat can be — hence the current debacle in Washington and Sacramento.

      • db8ng1

        He’s a very successful defense attorney. I really don’t think his intelligence or eloquence can be questioned. Yours on the other hand….

        Besides ad hominem attacks, what exactly is it that you do?

    • Tony

      Ditto Vadim

      • 02144pomroy

        Your whole damn state is going down the “tubes” and this is the best you clowns can do???? Your best bet is to have China annex you idiots. If the Feds try to bail your sorry butts out, there WILL be a revolution.

    • ThomasAnderson

      Of course you do. You’re just as low class and reprehensible as this guy is. Let me guess, you’re gay too. Do I have that right?

    • F88KLiberals

      F88K OBAMA, PELOSI, REID, and SERRA. There ya go…much better sign. A few nutballs will think the Serra sign better, most Americans can agree my sign is better.

    • Mike

      we “ALL” think? speak for yourself and all those crazy hater libs. Not everyone shares your views…

  • David T. Mosley

    We appreciate the sentiment, though it could have been expressed more delicately…

    • kev

      fornicate ???

  • J

    Typical Left Winger, nothing real, just an immature senseless response.

  • debbie

    LOOK at the data ,,first of all ,,,Meg Whiman has spent her own money,,,and Carley has raised money,Boxer and Brown have spent more taxpayers money that Whitman and Fioria….so what I think you meant was f–k ‘Brown and Boxer”

    • db8ng1

      You clearly have no idea how democracy, elections and basic math works.

      Whitman has spent over $162M on this campaign. $142M of her own money and $20M from other sources: fundraisers, special interests, etc. She’s spent $22M this month alone.

      On the other hand, Brown has spent only $26M total.

      Who’s the fiscal conservative now?

      Doesn’t it offend you that she’s attempting to buy the campaign?

      • Kevin

        No, I think she understands the dire need to fix this state and is willing to put her money where her mouth is to do it. Politics have failed this once great state and it’s about time we put someone in office that understands what it takes to think about the people rather then themselves.

      • masri

        Buy the campaign? No one has come to me offering money for my vote. Has anyone come to you?

      • Davester59

        Wow a stupid statement, when you outspend your opponent by a 6 to 1 margin what else do you call it but an attempt to BUY the election, typical limited thinking from a conservatroll

      • Chuck

        They offer you money everyday for your vote by lying about how they are going to “save” california. WAKE UP!! They are not only trying to buy your vote, they are trying to buy your BRAIN and it looks like its working

      • charles116

        She should buy a few hair transplants.

  • D.H.

    liberals=hate this country
    conservatives=love this country

    • R. Paulson

      F**K D.H.

    • B Goodman

      liberals = can think for themselves
      conservatives = need Beck, Fox, and Limbaugh to tell them what to think

    • Carol P

      Liberals know how to think. Conservatives know how to parrot what is told to them.

  • Mad Mike

    Keep it up lefties. The more you viciously attack these women the easier it makes it for me to vote for them….

    • coopsoop

      Stay mad, Mike. You were going to vote for them anyways. Besides, as least it’s spelled correctly, as opposed to your signs.

    • Tim

      Sounds like you were going to vote for them anyway.
      Still, as a D, I will say that personally I find this sign distasteful.
      I simply feel that Boxer and Brown have better ideas for the State and the Country.

    • Chromodynamics

      If you want to waste your vote, then go right ahead. Considering how the Tea Party wants to repeal the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, should the Tea Party candidates you vote for ever get in, then it may be the last time you’ll ever get to vote for them or any other candidate in any election for senate.

    • Brian

      Fornicate you

    • jawaralal bernstein

      does that make u an sbag, eh?

  • cal

    Thank you for saying what we Dems feel. Hate our country? We’re trying to save it.

    Conservatives love themselves only not their country so stuff it.

    • Tony

      Ditto Cal

      • CR

        And the ditto from the drone.

    • 02144pomroy

      I wish Conservatives would start putting up FUC* Boxer & Brown. Such a double standard. Liberals hate America and only add to its mainstreaming of crudeness.

    • CR

      Really? When Bush was in power you guys were torching US flags or not displaying them “because you were ashamed of America for Bush”. The Conservatives still display their flags dispite the Nazi in the office. We love our country not the figurehead. You guys only love the country when it is giving you idiots something. You guys are nothing but pigs.

      • john

        Pigs who can think for ourselves.
        I don’t think you know what a Nazi is, Does it really bother you that much that a black man is living in your precious Bush’s house now?

  • D.H.

    Typical Bezerkeley comment , soo pathetic !

  • doug

    I am voting for change

    • will

      sex -change ? FU then !

    • Kay

      change for the worse is what you are voiting for!! wake up!!

  • Michael

    It doesn’t matter what side of the political tree you are on; hanging a huge offensive banner out in public view like Tony Serra did shows very low levels of maturity and character.

    • `SusanElizabeth1949

      Or lousy taste in ‘lovers’.

    • CR

      You are dealing with Leftists. To them there are no rules for them in their minds. Sure to others there are rules, they want the other side pinned down. I am a Libertarian so I do not entirely agree with everything they say or do but atleast Conservatives will show mutual respect. Leftists will pretend to be your buddies when they need your support, once they have power, they cut your throat.

      • john

        “Conservatives will show mutual respect.”

        since when?

    • Riza

      I agree with you Michael!…

  • Albaby

    Tony Serra doesn’t own any buildings. The guy takes no money for his court cases; he’s taken a vow of poverty. I wonder if he was bsing the reporter.

    • Tony

      If I had a private trust fund in the millions from dead relatives, I would take a vow of poverty too. Try researching next time as you would came to this conclusion and maybe have not wasted my time in discrediting the “unread”.

  • venezuelan

    typical san franciscan liberal. mr serra you are hugo chavez’s friend you should move to venezuela where i came from. looser!

    • Kayrf

      Hey name caller, care to explain how my country the United States of America liiks anything like your country regardless of who currently hold the majority?

    • roumen tomanov

      What’s a looser, loser?

      • mikie44

        someone with bowl problems

  • JVC

    He got that right

  • Scott

    I’ve been a union carpenter for 31 + years. These canidates have said they want to fight against what feeds my family. While certain state employees pensions have gotten out of hand, it clearly is not the teachers. I hold a vocational teaching creditial, and have thought about using it. The pay is incredibly low. Any canidate that claims teachers make to much, or that they want to fight middle class union familys deserves to be called out like this. Period!

    • paganbaby

      You say you hold a valid teaching credential, and you write “…teachers make *to* much”? You don’t know the difference between *to* and *too*? That’s Second Grade material. Wow.

    • 02144pomroy

      Scott, teachers make “too much”, not “to much”. I can see why our kids are so stupid…..

      • Riza

        lmao!..good for you 02144pomroy..yes you are right,that’s why our children are stupid because of STUPID TEACHER with incorrect grammar like Scott….I meant,..UNION SELF ENTITLEMENT SCOTT!..

    • paganbaby444

      I said that earlier, but the CBS 5 Approval Czars didn’t like it (no profanity, so I don’t know what chafed them). Also, what’s a “canidate”? Sounds like something in the Dog family, or a typo. You probably don’t teach typing. That’s okay, but “to” and “too” is Second Grade stuff.

    • CeeDee

      Besides the mistakes other posters have pointed out, you misspelled “families”, and it’s employees’, not employees, and the word is credential. I knew all this, and I never went to college!

  • Richard

    Thank you, Mr. Serra. It should have been said long ago.

  • Joe

    I will be eating there more often from now on.

  • Green

    F*** organized mobbing for the wealthy. Little people will have zero rights once some bullies are seated.

  • Bad Boy

    Right on Tony. You merely stated what a lot of us feel!

  • 1Banana

    Doesn’t any one have a sense of humor? I think this is the funniest thing any one has done is S.F. yet. lol

    • bean

      Classless, sexist and baseless but really funny.

  • Tea partier wannabe

    I second that! Add Sharon Angle and oDonnor as well. Dumb as a door nail.

    • kay

      It is just so hard to believe there are so many gulible people in the US. Dont they realize that Carl Rove and his big business interests are really behind controlling the Tea Party? Do you see any of these Tea Party candidates with the smarts to run anything? Its just sad that so many people are taken in.

      • bean

        If the Democrat’s ideas were so brilliant Greece would be a thriving economy-California-the land of fruits, nuts and really rude idiots

      • john

        well said and totally true.

    • 02144pomroy

      Also add Barack Obama to the list too! Oh yeah, Brown and Boxer also. Although I would rather do it with Carly than Brown!

  • Madame De Stael

    Short, sweet, succinct: San Franciscan truth-telling at its very best.

    Thanks for giving us all an outlet for our feelings, Mr. Serra!

  • Califnative

    I will be visiting S.F. more often, and make it a point to do business at this place.
    Progressives/Liberals have what the Democrats need . . . core principals, and cojones.
    I am disapointed of the wimpy and compromising Democrats- but hell no! I won’t ever vote for the warmongers Republicans/teabaggers.
    I will vote for some strong Democrats and for Peace & Freedom Party.
    I will encourage all Democrats with principals and Progressives and Liberals to start giving Peace & Freedom our votes and gradually bump the weak Dems bums out.

    • `SusanElizabeth1949

      And there by help elect Republican’s in close elections?

    • 02144pomroy

      The 60’s are over……

      • paganbaby444

        Don’t tell most of the people here that, or they’ll jump off the Golden Gate Bridge! The Sixties are forever … The Sixties are forever … Must believe, calm down, smoke a doob…

  • Califnative

    I know where I am going to be eating next time in SF, and what Attorney I will be hiring if I ever need one.
    Hell NO! to republicans & teabaggers
    Vote yes for strong Democrats with a spine and replace the weak-links with real for the people candidates from the Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party. If you are mad a the Dems is okay, but doesn’t mean you need to vote for the GOP who are the ones who got us into this mess and unnecessary wars.

    • tomanderson

      Well first, you use the word teabagger, which automatically disqualifies you from any rational conversation. You’re an idiot, same as the lawyer.

      • john

        I suppose calling someone an idiot makes YOU qualified for a rational conversation? Or maybe you just couldn’t think of anything else to say.

  • Carly

    I was undecided, but I am now voting for Carly and Meg. Thanks!

    • Ron

      If you let a sign decide who you’re voting for then you’re either a liar or a buffoon. So, which is it?

      • jerry

        Third possibility: Insulted Republican who was going to vote for both anyway.

      • 02144pomroy

        Hey Ron, sometimes that’s all it takes to put one over the side! I’m with Carly!

    • kay

      ha ha ha so you would throw your vote away because of one word? OMG, this is just the kind of person that is taken in by Meg & Carly. They dont see these two are trying to “buy” the governorship and the senate seat. You should call O;Donnell and have a conversation. I am sure it would be on the same low level of thinking.

      • 02144pomroy

        SUUUUUre kay, you dems ALWAYS base you votes on intellectual introspection!
        What a joke! If that were the case, you would always vote Republican. You pipe smoking snobs…….

      • Riza

        You are 100% ill informed Kay!….WE The Tea Party are more POWERFUL than any establishment!…WE THE PEOPLE!…oh and Sarah Palin is so stupid she’s making all your head spin,…lol!…that’s POWERFUL,….COMMON SENSE is making the left heads spin,the elitist left teleprompter can’t break her down!…yeah,WE THE TEA PARTY WILL put the U.S Constitution back to America!…and we are the reason why the Democratic Party will fall come November 3!,…IMAGINE THAT!…

  • ded

    F**K Tony Serra

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